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  1. Jwil2020

    LOS Verbose Feature

    I've noticed that from time to time when I upload a game file for offline play, the LOS Verbose feature does not display hindrance/blockage info (although it will give range). I've double checked to make sure LOS Verbose is enabled in preferences. Any ideas why I am not getting that LOS info?
  2. Jwil2020

    Loading Saved Game Issue

    Began exploring VASL. recently. For some unknown reason, my opponent and I found that I could not join the room and game he set up, but If I set up the room and loaded the same saved game file- he could join my room. This only started happening in the last few logins. Any ideas on why he can...
  3. Jwil2020

    Rout Path

    I'm looking through Bill Kohler's "Rout Path Flow Chart." rout-flowchart.pdf ( On page three under "Path" he has this note: "The routing unit must move toward its destination Location. At no point may the routing unit increase the number of hexes between itself and its...
  4. Jwil2020

    SSR for S18 Baking Bread

    Just finished playing Baking Bread (using SK2). One of the SSRs turns all woods and orchards into rubble, making them +3TEM; 3MF to enter; and blocking LOS as if an inherent building. Since the SKRB does not include rubble, my opponent and I made a judgment call that the rubble could be used as...
  5. Jwil2020

    BFP: Objective Schmidt

    Anyone here own this? Any comments regarding scenario size, play balance, re-play value, etc. I take it the 580 counters are ASL Comp MMCs/SMCs, etc.? Thanks.
  6. Jwil2020

    Impressions of LCP's "Purple Heart Draw" and "Drive for St. Lo"

    VolgaG68 recommended I check out these two CGs from LCP. I am curious to what others who own either or both might think of the play. I am mainly interested in the Tactical Mission (CG) of each. Any insights appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Jwil2020

    "29 Let's Go" Action Pack

    Does anyone know if the included maps (71-72) and overlays are sufficient to play all ten scenarios? If not, what other maps are needed? Thanks. EDIT: found the answer in case anyone else is interested: Boards needed: 16, 40, 44, 46, 50, 54, 55, 57, 59, 61, 53, 66, (71, 72)*, 1b, 3b Overlays...
  8. Jwil2020

    VASL Scenario Loading

    Hello. New to VASL. I've downloaded the VASSAL engine. I downloaded the VASL module. I'd like to play an offline scenario from SK#2. I got the proper map, but how to I open the scenario I want? I know it is out there because I found a list of scenarios someplace (on the VASL page I think) but...
  9. Jwil2020

    Help Downloading VASL

    I tried to download VASL today. I get the scary message that my AV has blocked the download because it might damage my computer (New Dell Intel i7). Is damage to my computer possible, or is my AV just being paranoid? Thanks,
  10. Jwil2020

    ASLSK New Rule Wishlist

    I realize that the Starter Kit concept was designed with the goal of providing new players a gateway into full ASL with much simpler rules at a lower initial cost. There is no question that endeavor was successful, and that there are new ASL players today who got into the full game via ASLSK...