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  1. Cpl Uhl

    Grenadier 22 - will it happen?

    Haven't seen any news, nothing on .
  2. Cpl Uhl

    Hero Creation and SW Possession

    Checked the ASLRB, GS and Q&A but could not find the answer: if the MMC from which a Hero is created possesses a SW at the time the Hero is created can the Hero automatically have possession of that SW? If so, where in the ASLRB is this stated?
  3. Cpl Uhl

    What's with this red corner on vehicles?

    Not sure which version of VASL it started with, but it shows up even when vehicles are concealed. This is a horrible non-fog of war effect, giving away the VCA. Is there a way to turn this off?
  4. Cpl Uhl

    European Precision Dice Distributor

    I don't believe in precision dice, but in order to avoid pointless stress with those that do, I'm committed to getting them. However, I can't find an EU-based distributor with white and/or non-casino (ie pointy cornered) dice. Could anyone recommend a reliable, EU-based (ie: NOT United...
  5. Cpl Uhl

    Are Fire Direction and Leadership DRM Two Different Principles?

    A7.53: A leader my use his leadership DRM to modify the IFT DR of any one attacking unit or FG ....provided all firing units of the FG are in the same Location. A7.5 FIRE GROUP (FG): Two or more units/weapons joining together to make a combined fire attack are a FG. So it...
  6. Cpl Uhl

    Is this cheating?

    Does using the VASL "Map Annotations" feature, with its arrows and labeling, etc, HIPPED constitute cheating?
  7. Cpl Uhl

    Inside Factory LOS to bypassing unit outside

    Does the Russian unit in a Factory have LOS to the German unit bypassing the factory 2 hexes away? If so, what TEM applies? If not, is it because per B23.741 "a Factory hex does not block LOS b/t units in the same building, provided that LOS is traced entirely within the building depiction"...
  8. Cpl Uhl

    Bd21 Graveyard = Valley?

    Is the Bd21 Graveyard a Valley? I've never played it that way, but a relatively new player read the rules and thought it was. B18.1 "Any hex containing gray/white rectangular considered a graveyard hex." No mention of the darker green "ground", which is typically used (Bd21, Bd41...
  9. Cpl Uhl

    Thrown DC malfunction

    A DC is thrown into an ADJ hex. Attack vs target hex is resolved normally. Attack vs thrower's hex is resolved, resulting in a malfunction. Questions: does time travel exist? Did the first attack happen? Does anything dictate which attack happens first? Does the first attack now "un-happen"...
  10. Cpl Uhl

    Time on Target SSRs

    I'm looking to play TOT42 Thunderbolts and there is a reference to Hasty Roadblocks (TOT SSR 5). Could anyone tell me either what the content of that SSR is or where I can find the TOT SSRs? I think there were Hasty Roadblocks also in an FT product - are they the same as in the ToT? Thanks.
  11. Cpl Uhl

    Decision at Elst - PTO version of map?

    Happened to drop in on a VASL DAE playing and thought - damn, that would be a great PTO map! Tons of kunai and palm trees, irrigation ditches (some could be rice paddies), maybe change the buildings to wooden and even SSR the single hex buildings to be Huts. Alas, modifications not allowed in...
  12. Cpl Uhl

    PTO Tunnel Rules - Please do this!

    Played HS 14 the Christmas Gifu a while back. The scenario is quite unbalanced in favor of the Japanese. However, the design uses an SSR that really added to the fog of war, realism and enjoyment of the scenario. The SSR states that movement through a tunnel into a pillbox is treated as if...
  13. Cpl Uhl

    Roadblocks - is this legal?

    The B29 rules would seem to allow the setup used in the first two images (the 2nd is the same just using vasl overlays for clarity) for those situations where you can't find the "classic" one hexside roadblock depicted in the 3rd image. True or False? (of course you have to have two...
  14. Cpl Uhl

    CC Sequential AFV Japanease ATTACKER HtH?

    The Japanese conduct an Armored Assault Banzai and end up in a hex with: 1 Japanese AFV, 1 Japanese Squad and 1 US HS. CC Phase: Because of the AFV, the CC is Sequential with the US going first, despite the Japanese being the ATTACKER. Question: does the US attack on the HtH table? I would...
  15. Cpl Uhl

    KIA and K/2 unconcealed and concealed

    An unconcealed squad stacked with a concealed squad are subjected to a powerful low-dice roll attack. The full FP attack on the un? squad = 1KIA. The half FP attack on the ? squad = K/2. KIA rules says the un? Squad is eliminated and all other units stacked with are broken. What happens to the...
  16. Cpl Uhl

    Operation Merkur (Kreta) OM 7 The big one!!

    OM7 - Too Little Too Light is the last and biggest of the scenarios that use the historical map from Heat of Battle's Operation Merkur/Kreta battle study. My regular playing partner and I have played 3 of the 7 scenarios so far (the glider/air drop ones of course). We've avoided the "campaign...