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  1. Sean Deller

    DN10 Finale: Onhaye - German Turn 1 entry instruction?

    May each German reinforcement group entering on Turn 1 use multiple entry roads (it reads "on/adjacent to any east-edge road hex"), or must each group select a single road to enter on/adjacent to? The absence of the word "one" (such as "on/adjacent to any one east-edge road hex") indicates they...
  2. Sean Deller

    Battle Harden during MPh...extra MF?

    If an Inexperienced Unit battle hardens during the MPh, does it get its 4th MF back for use during that move?
  3. Sean Deller

    Boards appear, but counters do not

    What is the cause, and fix, for this error message? When loading a scenario, the boards appear, but the counters do not. We're using VASL 6.5.1 and VASSAL 3.2.17.
  4. Sean Deller

    Lost & Found - BV sheets & US counters

    Two sets of lost counters looking for their homes (see pics): Beyond Valor sheets 2 & 11 (partially punched). I think I found these at Winter Offensive. A handful of U.S. counters were mixed into my U.S. counter tray, possibly when someone borrowed my counters. Probably happened at the...
  5. Sean Deller

    Winter Offensive 2019 Lost & Found

    Found: Two Beyond Valor countersheets. Pop off if you lost them. Cheers, Sean
  6. Sean Deller

    WO27 Checking Out SSR#1 question

    SSR#1 says "All hexes of building jC1 are Fortified." Are all upper level Locations fortified, or just the ground level?
  7. Sean Deller

    placing Overlay 7 for WO10 setup?

    How do I place Overlay 7? VASL won't place it without hex coordinates, but the WO10 SSR does not specify any. What's the trick?
  8. Sean Deller

    VASL inputs work on my laptop, but not my monitor

    VASL is not working properly on my new PC setup. I have a Surface Book 2, Surface Dock, and an LG 27UD69P-W 4K monitor. I use the "Extend these displays" setting to make one continuous desktop. When I put the VASL window on the larger LG monitor, I cannot highlight and "drag" a counter to a...
  9. Sean Deller

    KW CPVA Step Reduction chart

    Gents, I made a Step Reduction chart for the KW CPVA (attached). Please let me know if I got anything wrong. Cheers, Sean
  10. Sean Deller

    viewing VASL on Surface Book 2

    I just loaded VASL on my new Surface Book 2 and the VASSAL/VASL windows appear with a very tiny font. Is there a way to enlarge the contents of the VASSAL/VASL windows without changing the display settings on my Surface Book? Sean
  11. Sean Deller

    Overlay X23 placement error in VASL

    When setting up ITR-17 The Devil's Factory, Overlay X23 is not placed in the correct place (according to the scenario card image). SSR3 states "J11-J12", but VASL places the overlay two hexes away. I get the correct placement by entering I10-I11. I'm told J11-J12 is correct for the actual...
  12. Sean Deller

    Gunflash and routing towards a KEU

    Is a unit under a Gunflash (or an equivalent fire counter) but beyond NVR considered a KEU, thereby denying an enemy unit the ability to rout towards it (assuming LOS)? Sean
  13. Sean Deller

    When Marsh becomes Swamp question

    Q. When PTO Terrain is in effect, would a Bamboo hex transform an adjacent Marsh hex into a Swamp hex when that Marsh hex is not adjacent to any Jungle hexes? A. Bamboo does not transform Marsh into Swamp. ....Perry MMP
  14. Sean Deller

    Night LV Hindrance

    Not a rules question, but "why"... Why is the Night LV Hindrance NA when "the target hex contains an terrain (inclusive of hills/higher ground level) whose topmost height is at least a full level higher than the firer"? You would think it would be harder to hit the target with a lack of...
  15. Sean Deller

    When Marsh becomes Swamp question

    PTO Terrain is in effect. Q. When a Marsh hex is adjacent to Bamboo (treated as "dense jungle" per G3.1) but not a Jungle hex, does it become Swamp? We're about to play J189 Buckley's Block and we're not sure how to handle hex 37G6.
  16. Sean Deller

    A11.621 Crew Small Arms

    If a squad+leader roll an Original 12 in CC vs. an AFV, do both units suffer Casualty Reduction, or is it determined by Random Selection?