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  1. CyberRanger

    Campaign Vicksburg

    Looking for an opponent for the latest CWB. I'll play either side with most optional rules expect modifed fire/melee tables and MDF. Pace of 2 to 3 turns per week. :-)
  2. CyberRanger

    Axis Team Members

    Axis Team Member Roster to be posted HERE! Once Heinz57 places your name here, I'll assign you permission to see the private Axis sub-forum.
  3. CyberRanger

    Allied Team Members

    Allied Team Member Roster to be posted HERE! Once Heinz57 places your name here, I'll assign you permission to see the private Allied sub-forum.
  4. CyberRanger

    Campaign Peninsula - CyberRanger vs Arckon (Rebel AAR)

    Following a painfully slow advance up the Virginia Peninsula during the spring of 1862, Union Major General George B. McClellan's Army of the Potomac now stands at the gates of Richmond. The capital of the Confederacy is defended by the Army of Northern Virginia, now commanded by General Robert...
  5. CyberRanger

    Campaign Shiloh battle

    When someone else gets Shiloh and has the time for a game, I'd like to start off with a non-Shiloh (the battle) game, like Ft Henry or Donaldson.
  6. CyberRanger

    Aldie - June 17, 1863

    Union: WestPointer Confederate: Alex Krolikowsk Turns: 12 Situation: THE NORTH: The Army of the Potomac has shifted north to the vicinity of Manassas. On the 16th orders go out to the Cavalry Corps to aggressively push to the west to both cover a shift of the army in that direction and...
  7. CyberRanger

    TalonSoft Bull Run

    While I wait for my copy of Campaign Gettysburg to arrive, anyone up for a game of TS 1st Bull Run?
  8. CyberRanger

    Armored Trains ... How to kill them??!

    Any suggestions on how to kill the armored trains?
  9. CyberRanger

    Tannenberg 14 - AAR

    AAR for Tannenberg 14 Designed by Todd Klemme Reviewed by WestPointer AND Redstorm Scenario Information: Date: August 13, 1914 Map Scale: 10km per hex Unit Scale: Brigade First Turn: Russian Length: 13 turns Players: Russian: WestPointer German: Redstorm Result: Draw
  10. CyberRanger

    Please offer advice for a replacement General!

    Gentleman, Another comrade, Snefens, has fallen on his sword. However, his game is still in decent shape. I believe we will soon have a new general battling against Dagger5. I believe his experience on the fields of TOAW is limited, so let's give him as much advice as possible. Here is...
  11. CyberRanger

    IMMEDIATE Advice PLEASE ... Don Front Units

    I know Pelle is on vacation so I'm going to ask the opinion of the Soviet team (for now at least!) Here's what Pelle said about the Don Front units being freed for operations anywhere. In my game, a German unit of the AG Don has entered a **** hex BUT did so because of a retreat before...
  12. CyberRanger


    The in-laws are in this weekend so I'm pretty much off the board. I'll check in when I can ... good luck!
  13. CyberRanger

    WestPointer vs Vindex

    Well ... damn ... I typed a huge report and the page didn't submit right. So ... slimmed down version. Germans: south, 1st Pz Army, 19 Pz Div Soviets: north, Don Reinforcements, Little Saturn My plan is to use the Don Reinforcements to attack with the Gds Armies in the north. I'll...
  14. CyberRanger

    Email to German player

    Here is an email I sent to my German opponent. You may want to do the same before he emails YOU. Innocent enough ... I hope. But I'm hoping he comes back with what he wants. My bet is that almost all (if not all) the Germans will want the full three TO's. If the do .... we should pay...
  15. CyberRanger

    The matchup and Ladder scores (W-L-D)

    Here are the matchups with the ladder score of each player. I don't take this as an indication of how good the player is just how experienced the player is by looking at the WFHQ ladder. I know a number of the players have many games on Rugged Defense too! 1 Viridomaros (3-14-4) vs...
  16. CyberRanger


    One of our comrades asked: What you are trying to do is an un-supported bombardment. Don't do it! It is ineffective and just eats up your supply. Try to never directly attack with artillery. Artillery should be either in tactical mode or dug in. It will then provide 1/2 of its strength to all...
  17. CyberRanger

    How many TO's are BEST for the Soviets? (Last poll ... I promise!)

    LOL!!! Yes, Mantis did clarify for me that we will match up that way. I'd hoped to have more control. Now, how we decide on the number of TO's has me thinking. What is the BEST number of TO's for the Soviet side??? From when I've first saw this scenario, I felt the non-deployment TO's...
  18. CyberRanger

    Air Unit Strategy

    I felt taking and making it into a separate thread would be good. My first thoughts were to move my air units to the south-east and east. But since I plan to go with the northern deployment TO, I'm going to move as much of my air assests as possible to the north-west. On turn 2 (remember...
  19. CyberRanger

    Which non-deployment TO's will you select?

    Please elaborate!
  20. CyberRanger

    Which deployment TO do you plan to use?

    Please elaborate on your deployment TO choice!