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  1. Morbii

    Why they hate us

    Pretty much. I laugh every time he spouts that nonsense and throws insults 2 sentences later. He’s about as honest as his hero.
  2. Morbii

    The Open Borders Bill

    Payback for exposing the priests!
  3. Morbii

    First the executive, then the legislative, now the judiciary

    That’s probably closer to how it used to be before the snowflakes went nuclear.
  4. Morbii

    The World Laughs at the Orange Turd

    Brain death is a terrible thing.
  5. Morbii

    Why do the Republicans support Child Molesters, women beaters and nazis?

    For the highest court in the land, an accusation of that type better be taken seriously. Surely you saw as well as anyone else how he repeatedly dodged questions in lieu of giving an answer, and it was clear he didn’t want the FBI involved. Why? Scared the FBI will do the same thing Comey did...
  6. Morbii

    Why do the Republicans support Child Molesters, women beaters and nazis?

    It’s also strange that the republicans want such a snowflake on the court. He’s bound to turn into a liberal! I also think it’s amazing when you hear about the problem with Clinton having been that he lied in regards to Monica (not referring to his other issues), not that she was giving him a...
  7. Morbii

    John McCain dead

    I’m pretty sure if he crossed Christ on the street he’d spit in Christ’s face and call him a maggot. But I don’t base that on historical analysis of the evangelical (though, I do see a number of evangelicals as being mighty large hypocrites), moreso on analysis of the “man” himself.
  8. Morbii

    John McCain dead

    Don’t worry, next up he’ll tell you he’s a Christian.
  9. Morbii

    John McCain dead

    How is it possible that people can be as stupid as this?
  10. Morbii

    Did someone say LOCK HIM UP?

    The best part about this is that it’s literally what he does here. Literally what he DID in the same post!
  11. Morbii

    Did someone say LOCK HIM UP?

    Yeah, I was just coming back to say that Top was right and I was wrong. I’m pretty sure I was thinking Finland simply because I know about their far-right problems!
  12. Morbii

    Did someone say LOCK HIM UP?

    He’s not from the US. He’s delusional and brainwashed, though. I’ll give you that! He’s from Finland, which has some far right loony problems of its own if I’m not mistaken.
  13. Morbii

    Le petite dictator - Trump revokes security clearances to statisfy his tantrums. Oh my.

    Don’t worry, soon we won’t have to worry about those silly, counterproductive amendments :p
  14. Morbii

    Lies and more lies..

    Unfortunately, a show is all it is with him.
  15. Morbii

    Lies and more lies..

    It’s a different narrative when he’s crying about taxes too.
  16. Morbii

    Are we in Decline - or Ascent?

    I think most people believe climate change is happening right now. The debate is whether or not humans are causing it. I don't know for sure (but I believe it more now than I used to), but what gets me are the absolute morons (like the scrote) who will say "THEY WERE YELLING DOOM AND GLOOM IN...
  17. Morbii

    GOP incompetence to govern part CCVXXI - borrowing by government biggest since 2008

    Maybe there's a joke somewhere about a man who's only where he is because he was "too smart" (i.e. too white) to get caught, who has also been on the dole most of his life. Keep stealing from the rest of us.
  18. Morbii

    Lies and more lies..

    Being a goal of the party does not mean total participation, particularly when it’s a handful of people in charge who seem to be able to dupe quite a few!
  19. Morbii

    Lies and more lies..

    Nah. While I know it’s not all Republicans, of course, it’s a comment on the way the party leaders have been operating, and it’s right on the mark.