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  1. jguritza

    World in Flames - any opinions?

    I have toyed with the idea of getting the game but there are so many expansions. If I were to get the game and like it I think I would start buying all the expansions. How many expansion to date are available?
  2. jguritza

    Call of Duty: Big Red One

    Finest Hour was a large let down. All the hype around Call of Duty 2 might be worth waiting for.
  3. jguritza

    Is DBA the perfect game?

    I guess that is the beauty of miniatures is you can develop and change rules as you go on. We have several rules that we had to tinker with because they were overlooked in the core rules. One good example was Battleground WWII. If a unit fired an antitank weapon and you missed that was it. We...
  4. jguritza

    Which is a better Beer and Pretzels Game?

    If I rememebr correctly doesn't the game board color require the high price??? :laugh:
  5. jguritza


    We used to have a warhammer thread here a little while back. There are several people here that would love to talk warhammer...
  6. jguritza

    Is DBA the perfect game?

    Regionally where I am at if you are playing 15mm ancients you are playing DBA. What rule set do you play with? No rule set is perfect. I find myself picking and choosing the elements from one rule set and taking another element from another rule set.
  7. jguritza

    Which is a better Beer and Pretzels Game?

    Some of the more popular ones can get up there in price. You can also find some good deals though!
  8. jguritza

    Rome: Total War Demo

    I knew it! They put the Dumbo cheat code in after all!!! :laugh:
  9. jguritza

    Which is a better Beer and Pretzels Game?

    Re: Cheapass! Witch Trial from Cheap Ass games is a group favorite. The Kill Dr. Lucky and Save Dr. Lucky is also a favorite...
  10. jguritza

    Is DBA the perfect game?

    I will clarify a little bit. I play DBA and love it. To me it is a great game that is widely played. You go to any historical miniature convention and you are most likely to see or play DBA. The rules are simple to learn but there are some sticking points. In terms of easy to learn and...
  11. jguritza

    Is DBA the perfect game?

    It's a good game but I have yet to find a miniature game that is perfect!
  12. jguritza

    How often do you tweak your game?

    Wow getting into the personal side of Patrick? :laugh:
  13. jguritza

    How often do you tweak your game?

    A game has a flaw or weakness that you exploit with experience, do you tweak the game? Do you have a favorite game that you tweak to give it a shot in the arm needed for a new experience? What tweaks and variants do you apply to your games?
  14. jguritza

    Which is a better Beer and Pretzels Game?

    Sweet! We always added some house rules and some more pieces to Risk. We found a ton of variants out there. Our favorite was the Alien Landing variant. Nice random events to add to Risk! I think a good part of game tweaking is a lost art!
  15. jguritza

    Board Wargame Longevity

    L2’s RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN version is awesome. I got to see it at Origins this past year and I was excited. The game got a few minor upgrades but it all went to improve the quality of the game. I was finishing a Russian Campaign game before I went to Origins and was excited to see the update by L2...
  16. jguritza

    Napoleon at Bay

    Excellent! That’s what I needed to hear! Thanks!!!
  17. jguritza

    The Perfect Board Game

    I have no problem seeing Diplomacy on the list. I like seeing Go on the list as well. That is one game that I really think qualifies in your terms Patrick as a great game. It has a deep and rich history and is played around the world. I do like to see DBA on the list. That has been a great...
  18. jguritza

    Musty Nostalgia

    Good question! I would have to say Fortress America. A good friend of mine grew up around the block from each other and when we discovered the game we built the game up to be the end all game. We spend days and nights over the summer huddled over his parent’s pool table to play the game...
  19. jguritza

    If you only had one war game...

    I have but it still does not want to work. I am toying with installing a dual operating system with a stable windows 98 to run the game...
  20. jguritza

    The Perfect Board Game

    I tried the link a few times and got nothing. Sorry Sir!