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  1. Zakopious

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Warzone-Matrix, 4704 Rocky River Drive. Take a flashlight with you. Jack, the large, old, brindle dog is very friendly.
  2. Zakopious

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    My FLGS in Rocky River, Ohio acquired a collection of ASL games. By the time I found it, the good stuff was gone. However, there was a box of maps and I was able to get 12 maps that I did not have. I am still missing #77 but not much else.
  3. Zakopious

    Lancaster County: Are there ASL players?

    Millersville and Manheim are in Pennsylvania.
  4. Zakopious

    Operation Unthinkable

    When I played D&D, "Zakopious" was the name of my magic user. The DM's could never get it right.
  5. Zakopious

    Operation Unthinkable

    There was also a pack of ASL Scenarios called, "ASL goes to the Movies". See: EastSide Gamers did Zombie Pak 1, see: I am sure that more examples...
  6. Zakopious

    Operation Unthinkable

    Psycho posted a number of scenarios based on books of fiction. Thus, there is precedent for your idea. See:
  7. Zakopious


    It is really very easy to put a different name on a SMC. Scan or find an image of a SMC. Open in Paint or equivalent simple image program. Use the color picker tool to select the counter color. Use the brush tool to paint over the old Rank & Name. Use the text tool to type the new Rank & Name.
  8. Zakopious

    Moon/Cloud Counter

    There is a Moon counter:
  9. Zakopious

    Manila question

    i.e. "Balut"
  10. Zakopious

    Manila question

    I was stationed at Edgewood Arsenal, Md. The local restaurants served scrapple, so I learned to like it in Maryland. Can't get it in Ohio.
  11. Zakopious

    Manila question

    And Scrapple.
  12. Zakopious

    Panzerfausts could be reloaded?

    I had to watch it three times before I realized that the back blast burned thru the soldier.
  13. Zakopious

    Hart Attack scenario

    Source is listed as "ASL on the Internet" by Steven C. Swann From: MASTER ASL SCENARIO LISTING (by date of engagement) see: Texas-ASL Downloads
  14. Zakopious

    Is this forum dead?

    To quote Pogo, "We have met the enemy and he is us."
  15. Zakopious

    ASLSK #5 DOT AKA North Africa

    Rommel's Rod:
  16. Zakopious

    cheap way to get hoards of T34's for Kursk scenario?

    PROKHOROVKA by Advancing Fire has a lot of T34 counters but the game is not cheap. How many do you need ? You can also watch eBay for the occasional countersheet from Beyond Valor. The cheapest way (make your own) is also labor intensive. Basically, you scan the front and back of the 5/8" T34...
  17. Zakopious

    Need more Soviet infantry counters

    Two counter sheets from BV with Russian infantry were listed on eBay today.
  18. Zakopious

    Need more Soviet infantry counters

    Critical Hit has at least six different Russian Nationality counter sets.
  19. Zakopious

    Need more Soviet infantry counters

    It is not unusual for counter sheets to be listed on eBay. I see some Soviet Gun and AFV counter sheets listed at the present time on eBay but no infantry. Put a watch for Soviet or BV infantry counter sheets on eBay and one will eventually pop up.
  20. Zakopious

    ASLSK2/3 or just go full ASL?

    "As it is, you are going to spend a grand before you know it." Just make sure that SWMBO doesn't know that you spent a grand or you will be in deep do-do.