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    D2.6 Entering an enemy AFV's hex.

    Does a Passenger or Rider with a BAZ or PSK enable their conveyance to stay in an enemy AFV's hex per the restriction of the quoted rule below? D2.6 ENEMY AFV: A vehicle cannot voluntarily stop or end its MPh in Motion in an enemy AFV’s hex (whether Known or not) unless it can do so out of that...
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    Prep Fire marker removal.

    Is a Prep Fire marker removed from a unit that breaks? If so, can that unit fire again later if it becomes Good Order again from HOB? In a recent playing my Prep Fired squad broke during my opponent's Defensive Final Fire. My opponent fired a second shot at the broken squad, which rolled...
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    Is HA a DRM for a MTR TH roll?

    Is Height Advantage a To Hit DRM for on board Mortars? Thanks in advance.
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    Hillock Summit question.

    Does placing a Hillock Summit counter on a Hillock Scrub hex negate the Scrub? Hillock overlay H6 has two Scrub hexes on it. J186 "Castles On The Horizon" SSR 1 says one of those hexes is a Hillock Summit (F6.6) Is that hex still a Scrub hex when the Hillock Summit counter is placed on it...
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    KGP CG and NQ

    If my Germans declare No Quarter during a KGP CG1 scenario date, does No Quarter then continue through the following scenario dates? Thanks in advance, Rick
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    Night Cloak Advance vs. Difficult Terrain

    What happens when a Cloaking counter uses Advance vs. Difficult Terrain in a Night scenario? Place a CX counter on the Cloak counter? The unit(s) are placed on board Concealed and CX and the Cloak counter is removed? Something else? Thanks in advance (pun not intended, but I chuckled when I...
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    Heroic Leader dies from second wound?

    Does an already wounded Heroic Leader automatically die from a second wound like a regular Hero? (Rolled an 11 on an NMC.) A15.2, 15.21, etc.
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    HOB MC roll = Automatic MMC Rally?

    Does a broken Squad/ Half-Squad automatically rally if they roll snakeyes on a Morale Check that doesn't eliminate them? It looks like a broken MMC that rolls a snakeyes on a Morale Check, and has a Final HOB DR of <= 4 would stay Broken but would create a Hero. Thanks in advance.
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    Night Seaborne Assault

    I'm setting up my defense for TAC23 "Midnight Bath At Tobruk." Night rules are in effect. I have no vehicles and my opponent has LCs loaded with Infantry approaching the Beach. Provided my unit(s) are otherwise eligible, can I fire Starshells / IR when the first LC changes its hex or...
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    PTO HIP Wire in jungle Road

    When using the PTO rules, I have Wire in a Jungle/Road hex. Should I reveal when a Good Order enemy unit has LOS to that hex directly down the Road? There are no hindrances in the way. Thanks in advance. Rick
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    Gun Crew FPF

    A Berserk enemy unit enters a hex with a unconcealed Gun manned by a crew. Is the crew required to: 1. FPF (Final Protective Fire) with inherent firepower? 2. FPF using the Gun? 3. FPF with either (their choice?) Thanks in advance, Rick
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    Sewer movement J179.

    SSR 4 of scenario J179 says, " The Germans may use Sewer Movement (B8.4)." Can the Germans use Sewers freely without rolling a 4TC? (See rule quote below.) B8.4 SEWER MOVEMENT: (edit)................. only those units granted Sewer Movement capability by SSR, or who are accompanied by a...
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    AP5 is on the way.

    Am I the only one who is excited about this, or did the announcement go unoticed? Rick