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  1. Misterhawk

    DM website update report #3: The CH Conundrum

    I'll take "Nonsensical Comments" for a $1,000, Alex ...
  2. Misterhawk

    What size sheet protector is needed for LFT designed scenarios?

    I got mine from these guys ... nice people to do business with. They also have Binders for the A4 sheets.
  3. Misterhawk

    LFT shipping problems

    Like the other fellas, said, Family First. And if someone doesn't have 500 other ASL scenarios to play, they're doing it wrong.
  4. Misterhawk

    Minor Desperation Morale Update Progress Note

    I'm just spit ballin' here, but maybe if you guys have comments on the website content you could, I dunno; post it for that entry on the site ... Thanks for doing what you do, Mark; it's been enormously helpful to me.
  5. Misterhawk

    "Yanks" reprint?

    Out of Stock
  6. Misterhawk

    Beyond Valor v3 Countersheets

    Have there been any changes since? I know there are BV countersheets marked 2018 ...
  7. Misterhawk

    Some pertinent news from MMP

    Probably not the dumbest thing I will read all day, but competitive ...
  8. Misterhawk

    Recommendations for mapboard container?

    As discussed, the 22 litre box isn't sold in the states, although you can order it from Amazon for four times the UK price ...
  9. Misterhawk

    Recommendations for mapboard container?

    They seem perfect but the 22 litre are not to be had in the U.S.
  10. Misterhawk

    Recommendations for mapboard container?

    If anyone of our UK brethren are planning to attend Winter Offensive I want to ask if you can mule one of these over ... 22 litre Really Useful Box
  11. Misterhawk

    About that ASL Supplemental Map Bundle ...

    In the post it says ... I suggested that maybe it was worth looking at whether the 31 8" x 22" maps in the set could be shipped unfolded even if the 9 back printed 11" x 16" boards (1a/b-9a/b) were folded.
  12. Misterhawk

    About that ASL Supplemental Map Bundle ...

    Note - if you already voted in the poll on Facebook, no need to vote again. Earlier this year, Perry from MMP mentioned that they were considering dropping the ASL Supplemental Map Bundle because it was in the Pre-Order doldrums (304/450). I suggested that part of the reason might be this...
  13. Misterhawk

    Hatten In Flames available for pre-order

    That's not what that means even slightly. I'm sure Brian can speak for himself, but when any company has successful product lines it allows them to take risks on products that are less guaranteed to make a return on investment. That's a lot different from having the successful product subsidize...
  14. Misterhawk


    HYWASL? That isn't the worst idea I've ever heard, but it's competitive ...
  15. Misterhawk

    BV, HP and journal 10 OoP

    BV was last reprinted at the very end of 2015 ...
  16. Misterhawk

    ASL individual labels...
  17. Misterhawk

    Operation : Schmidt

    The Objective: Schmidt maps are definitely problematic. I hope some sort of fix is in the works. Like Paul, I'd be happy to buy matte editions and hope that BF doesn't use whatever printer or process it was that yielded this result.
  18. Misterhawk

    Hollow Legions III -

    The order changed and the French (with the Dinant HASL) will be next, followed by the Italians (with Soldiers of the Negus) but they are both behind Red Factories/Barricades and Armies of Oblivion in the queue, so if you find a set of HL and/or CdG at a price you can afford it might be worth...
  19. Misterhawk

    Understanding the CH Counters.

    They certainly need a new die cutter for the counters ...