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  1. Patrocles

    CMSF called it! - U.S. Army calls for more body armor in Syrian war! (the onion)

    :crosseye: CMSF was way ahead of us on predicting a U.S.-Syrian conflict,18601/
  2. Patrocles

    Call of Duty: United Offensive

    cool! the expansion is due out in September! Gamespot posted a preview of CoD:UF at...
  3. Patrocles

    Call of Duty mods - BarcelonaBlom et al

    Since BarcelonaBlom seems to me to be the lead proponent of CoD I would like to ask him and any one else about recommended mods. Realism mods, full mods, etc. thanks! The game runs and looks great! The single-player missions are fun. The multiplayer seems to have devolved a bit into...
  4. Patrocles

    Need help with CoD 1.4 patch

    Hey, I found out today that there was a patch for CoD so I downloaded it from 3DGamer site and installed it for multiplayer v1.4. When I go online I don't see any servers. I only see the flashing sign saying something like "Waiting to connect to master server." I tried reentering my...