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    AP75 - Gabriel's Horn

    Hey, would anyone happen to have a VASL Setup file for this scenario?, I am not sure how to get boards to go vertically...
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    ASL 4 Commissars House - What to do with trenches?

    Hey All, im thinking we have been playing trenches wrong or they are the booby prize for this scenario. I have been given 6 x trenches but as per the trench rule - you cannot place a trench on a paved road then it really does not leave many options for trenches on this map? Any advice?
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    VBM Freezing a Fortified Building

    Hey Everyone, I did try searching for a response so apologies if this has already been raised (im sure it has somewhere). This came up in our game last night, it made a big difference but we played it that as we couldn't find anything in the rules then it worked, can't change the result as we...