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    Two Journals in 2022?

    According to Special Operations #10 (just received 01 Aug 22), there is supposed to be an 'Aussie' Journal coming out later in 2022. Is this Journal a stand-alone, apart from ASL Journal 13 {which every ASL player is [im]patiently waiting for}?
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    Odds and Ends questions

    1. What is the Leadership Generator (LG) factor [H1.8] for the Swedish Voluntary Corps in a DYO scenario? 2. Do Ethiopian MMCs take a PAATC, or a 1PAATC before trying the Tank Flip?
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    Minor errata on WO39 "Shotgun Shuffle"

    I found a very minor errata on WO39 "Shotgun Shuffle": In the American OOB, change '4th Marine Division' to '2nd Marine Division'.
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    Hardy Kruger passed away at age 93

    Hardy Kruger, the actor who played a Waffen SS Panzer Division commander in "A Bridge Too Far" passed away at age 93. I only saw him in one other film, John Wayne's "Hatari!"
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    New Year's Greetings

    I wish everybody in the ASL community, a happy and healthy 2022. Hopefully, life will return to what passes for normal in our hobby.
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    Season's Greetings!

    Joyeux Noel Boun Natale Frohe Weihnachten Feliz Navidad I apologize for any languages left out, but I only have a standard English keyboard available. {Sorry, to Eastern European and Russian ASL players, as well as any Asian players}
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    A Salute to Senator Bob Dole (R.I.P.)

    Another member of the Greatest Generation gone. Former senator Bob Dole of Kansas passed away, veteran of WWII combat in Italy {Age 98}.
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    Hollow Legions now shipping?

    Has the process started yet?
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    80th Anniversary of several campaigns

    2022 will see the 80th anniversary of Guadalcanal, Stalingrad and El Alamein along with the 'TORCH' landings.
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    Upcoming Osprey book on Korea

    Osprey has an upcoming "Combat: U.S. Marine vs North Korean Soldier" book, due out in February 2022. Thought you 'Forgotten War' fans might be interested.
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    Operation "Mercury" 80th anniversary

    Anybody playing any Crete scenarios to observe the 1941 campaign, in which Hitler decided that airborne warfare was too risky and the British and Americans decided that they needed to develop it?
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    Still more Murphy's rules of ASL

    If your MMC finds your OoB 6+1 & 7-0 SMCs, they've Routed too far back. If your MMC find his OoB 6+1 & 7-0 SMCs, they've Advanced too far forward. When your Commissar has stopped yelling, it's because he's reaching for his alternate leadership modifier. Allied Troops will recognize your uniform...
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    Chuck Norris ASL jokes

    Chuck Norris does not need an eASLRB. He knows every rule by heart.
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    R.I.P., Captain Tom

    Captain Sir Tom More succumbed to COVID at the age of 100.
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    Scenario packs we could use!

    We gotten scenario packs from the Swedish tournament (Best of Friends 1 & 2) and now from the Italians (ASL Roma). How about from the Germans, French and British tournaments? Any possibilities?
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    Nationality articles left to be written!

    I've looked over my ASL Annuals and Journals, and found that The Chinese {KMT & Communist}, French {3rd Republic, Vichy and Free French}, Finns, Swedes and Germans have yet to be graced with an article in the style of Craig F. Posey or Charles Markuss. Any takers?
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    Board 85?

    Maybe I missed something (anything's possible!), but where did ASL mapboard 85 originate from? I am merely curious.
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    Two dates to remember for February

    February 17, 1944 - U.S. carrier strike on Truk, to start cracking Japan's inner defensive perimeter. February 19, 1945 - Iwo Jima assault landing. "Uncommon valor was a common virtue." - Admiral Chester Nimitz
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    Supplemental Map Bundle

    Only 52 pre-orders to go!
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    Assault Engineer counters still needed

    I do not wish to start a flame in the Forum, but does anybody see the need for dedicated Assault Engineer counters for the following: American Army British Commonwealth Early War Heer Early War Soviet