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  1. PTY

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    I frequently think that a level of WW between No effect and breaking would be appropriate, at least for higher level units. How to incorporate that into the existing system would be the question. I would also campaign for KW units.
  2. PTY

    Finn Project

    Saw the "ad" in the FTC 12, and sounds like funn. Though I am guessing someone is already complaining about more counters
  3. PTY

    The Battle of Manila 1945

    Reading this right now. I can't read much sometimes, as the barbarity of it all is scary
  4. PTY

    Round 1: Best scenario from Steve Swann?

    It was a great interview. Looking forward to the new stuff he talked about.
  5. PTY

    Winter Offensive 2022 Pack, Pocket Rules, Pocket Ch H, Pocket Charts, and Hell's Corner now on the website!

    Just got my stuff yesterday. Very neat. I look forward to playing the scenarios. Got to love "shotgun rules". It sent me on a search for youtube videos of the "trench gun". very interesting.
  6. PTY

    Vietminh/Vietkong/NVA ready Reference sheet I made.

    Nice. I have this scenario from the Red Banner download, but it is nice to see it in color
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    Looking for scenarios

    Found them, with everyone's hints. They are Raiders on Butaritari ASLUG11 Meeting Otto
  8. PTY

    Looking for scenarios

    Raiders on Butaritari ASLUG11
  9. PTY

    Looking for scenarios

    That sounds familiar. I will check when I get home and have a few more minutes.
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    Looking for scenarios

    I think I have asked this before, but I seem to remember two PTO scenarios that had SSRs for fire support from submarines. I have tried a bit on the Archive, but without luck. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  11. PTY

    Counters Available?

    Try this page, The counters are under the modules.
  12. PTY

    Two "sets" of Ethiopian leaders and heroes?

    Will there be a supplement to the Capability Chart for the Ethiopians??
  13. PTY

    VFTT114 Out

    Always like the non traditional stuff
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    I think I like option 2, though that is based upon my monitor.
  15. PTY

    VFTT114 Out

    Is the one listed as PUG-1 also a playtest???
  16. PTY

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Good to hear.
  17. PTY

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Nice. I wish I had your creativity. Now to campaign for some Ethiopians.
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    My bad.
  19. PTY

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    If wikipedia is to be trusted max speed 18–20 km/h (11–12 mph)