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    Idea for Urban Terrain

    As it stands right now in ATF/AATF, urban terrain provides concealment but does not provide cover. You can create structures that will provide cover, however the engine cannot handle, nor would it be practical, to model every individual structure within a battlegroup area. I do feel that...
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    Special Attribute - Discrete Time of Flight

    Looking through the game data for weapons I noticed that The Falklands War is the only game to use the Special Attribute - Discrete Time of Flight - but it uses it for weapons that appear in other games also. Does anyone know how this attribute affects the game play?
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    BGC Vol 1 - Holding the Line - Success on the Thin Red Line

    This was my second play through of this scenario. On the first time round I made my defensive line too far back and did not provide enough opportunity for long range fire. Here are the dispositions for a more forward defence. Basically, I looked at where the high ground was in the middle of...
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    Vehicle Mobility

    I could not find any way to indicate the type of mobility that a vehicle has in the vehicle data editor (e.g. tracked, 4x2, 4x4, 8x8). Is this modeled in the game?
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    Making a No Go Area

    Would it be possible to make a No Go area by creating a terrain type that has a Move Reduction of -9? I'm just wondering if that would effectively prevent the AI from going into it.
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    Use of Copy and Paste in the Map Terrain menu

    I assumed that the copy and paste function let you copy a terrain feature you had already drawn, like a dwelling, and paste it multiple times into other locations. I was able to do this but found that the pasted dwellings only appear as colour spots - you cannot right click on them to get info...
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    Dwellings vs Urban

    I see that dwellings and buildings allow for "structure" modifiers that protect infantry units in them, while urban terrain types appear to offer no advantages to infantry. Is this the case? If so, what is the rationale behind urban terrain?
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    Roads and Rivers

    Can you criss-cross roads when making terrain, or do you need to stop when you hit another road and start a new road on the other side? Same question for river/streams? I know it says somewhere that you shouldn't draw one terrain type over the other, but what about in this case when it is...
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    Some success matching a topo map to the game map.

    After much trial and error (about 15-20 map revisions) I have finally got the scanned topographical map to match up to the underlying elevation map and aligned (kind of) with the game's map grid. some of the issues involved having a NAD27 map and trying to match it to the NAD84 data. Suffice it...
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    Problem matching DEM/xdm Map to Paper Map

    As the title says, I have a DEM and xdm map and a corresponding paper map. I have followed the tutorial as closely as I can and am obviously inputting some of the map data incorrectly, as there is no map generated (and no green rectangle in the preview screen). I have been able to generate a...