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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Zakopious: don't feel like the lone ranger. Lots of people do not have #77. Only those who have purchased the supplemental mapboard bundle have a copy of #77. #77 is supposed to be included in the awaited ASL Journal 13 (which everybody is waiting for!).
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    ASL Overlay Bundle is now up for preorder!

    Ah, but which Monday is the question. (Answer on a Monday)
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    Aerial Observer STC

    In ASL? :unsure:
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    Still more Murphy's rules of ASL

    The more popular a module is, the harder it is to find an opponent.
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    ASL food

    Overstacked pancakes
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    ASL at WBC

    Good call on your part, sir.
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    Two Journals in 2022?

    Actually found the originals (81-90 and 91-100) a few days ago, while moving some of my stored stuff. Truly wish that MMP would put out Out of the Attic #3 with those scenarios that Mr. Probst reworked.
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    ASL at WBC

    Question overtaken by events. By the time I read response to it, I had received my order. Sorry, thank you though.
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    Two Journals in 2022?

    According to Special Operations #10 (just received 01 Aug 22), there is supposed to be an 'Aussie' Journal coming out later in 2022. Is this Journal a stand-alone, apart from ASL Journal 13 {which every ASL player is [im]patiently waiting for}?
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    Old expressions, ASLified

    I'd attack something, but my flanks are tied (up/in).
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    that's the problem with new city managers, they never keep ahead with regular maintenance.
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    ASL at WBC

    Any chance on the ASL/ASLSK scenario titles?
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    Winter Offensive Packs or Hakkaa Päälle

    Abstain (courtesily). Got both.
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    If a Commissar is earning an Iron Cross, he needs to check whose side he's on.
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    A 8.31 FPF and Crews

    Naturlich! Happens to me all the time.
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    HIP puzzler

    Paging Mr. Schrodinger, Mr. Schrodinger please pick up the phone inside the booby-trapped box.
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    ASL Limericks

    THere once was a haiku master, who's ASL play was a disaster, "My dice-rolling is often not blessed, and strategy is always messed, Seems I need a spell-caster!"
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    ASL Haiku

    Being a haiku master. Leads to thread miscast. While sanity is oft strewn.
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    WO3 658 andvelr

    Mary Shelley's version or Mel Brook's version?