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  1. Grumblejones

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Happy for you Alan!
  2. Grumblejones

    Normandy HASL

    Actually some truth to that. In 1995 I worked for Coinco and we made all the black snout dollar bill acceptors. We lobbied Congress not to proceed with dollar coins and were joined by adult industry workers. Odd bedfellows as it were…
  3. Grumblejones

    Large Dungeons

    Loved Judges Guild. Good price, great content.
  4. Grumblejones

    how many scenarios do you own?

    Almost at 3000
  5. Grumblejones

    ASL Bell Tolls

    Very sad to hear this news.
  6. Grumblejones

    ASL Player Ratings

    Doug, any consideration given to the impact of COVID on tournament attendance relative to the time decay?
  7. Grumblejones

    2021 AAR

    Here’s to an awesome 2022!
  8. Grumblejones

    Confused on how to start playing ASL

    Grab the Starter Kit 2. You do not have to start with one. Starter Kit 2 will get you rolling. Good luck.
  9. Grumblejones

    Oswald in the doorway

    Bush was arrested/detained and then showed up in Hoover’s office. Hoover wrote a memo about the meeting and it was recently in the news. If the ever release Oswald’s Social Security records it will likely show that he worked for the FBI. Too much to list that makes it fairly clear that Oswald...
  10. Grumblejones

    Sam Belcher has passed away

    Very sad news indeed.
  11. Grumblejones

    You got the COVID-19 vaccine, so now what?

    I’m fully vaccinated, but won’t attend any tournaments this year.
  12. Grumblejones

    Second golden age of war gaming.

  13. Grumblejones

    ROAR and Scen Archive

    I always report to both sites.
  14. Grumblejones

    Manila HASL - Good news, Bad news

    My in-laws are both Marines...met at Paris Island.
  15. Grumblejones

    For King & Country reprint

    Mine took 33 days as well...but is finally home now.
  16. Grumblejones

    2020 AAR

    Thank you my friend for an ASL year that may never be surpassed! I’ll see you for our Saturday Game...
  17. Grumblejones

    For King & Country reprint

    Yeah...a buddy sent me stuff 3 days ago and it arrived today via something’s messed up.
  18. Grumblejones

    For King & Country reprint

    18 days since mine dispatched and still nothing...
  19. Grumblejones

    My ASL year in 2020

    89 games so far this year with #90 scheduled for Saturday with Dan Best who is approaching 150 games for the year. Cardboard via SKYPE was made for times like these.
  20. Grumblejones

    For King & Country reprint

    Mine has not made it yet...13 days since dispatch and counting...just another 2020 disappointment.