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  1. dmchenry99

    Couple of questions about LVTs

    LVTs gotta be in motion when in a water obstacle. So if an LVT4 for instance is on an ocean hex (not shallow) do they HAVE to enter a new hex during movement? Can they simply hold position? They can't stop while in the water, so they cannot delay. But can they just choose not to enter a new hex...
  2. dmchenry99

    Caves and OBA

    Playing White Beach 1 and having trouble getting the rules down for NOBA vs caves. Need some help with this: 120mm NOBA drops on an area that includes two HIP 1-4-6 caves in light jungle. What happens? -Do you roll on the IFT (24FP) for each unit in the hidden cave using the +6 cave modifier...
  3. dmchenry99

    Monster maps: Panels or one sheet?

    Anyone know if the monster maps are panels or one big sheet? Does CH just not sell full maps anymore? God I miss the days before those damnable panels. Pretty much axed CH from my shopping list entirely solely for that.
  4. dmchenry99

    Hatten scenario/CG setups?

    Anyone done scenario/CG setup files?
  5. dmchenry99

    CH counter errata question

    I got the SS nat set a while back and I recall hearing there was an errata sheet for some errors on the counters. I emailed Ray about it and recently he sent over a couple of errata sheets marked 2017, but none of the counters appear to be from the SS nat set. Was there another errata sheet I...