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  1. fabiofotomoto

    Prokhorovka VASL maps

    Hi 2 new maps are avaliable on AF website for the download
  2. fabiofotomoto

    Prokhorovka! By Advancing Fire

    Hi, here a short review of this new product: It cames in an hard box ( not hard paper as the MMP module but more similar to the one used in Fight for Seoul) printed in a matt paper with a very hight standard quality and this a preview of you can find inside. Opened we find the rules and the...
  3. fabiofotomoto

    Comunist Chinese ( Korea) and concelament

    Hi, using vassal 3.5.5 and vasl 6.6.2 when i remove the top ? of a stack all the other units still keep the small ? on the top corner and i have to unconceal then one per one Fabio
  4. fabiofotomoto

    roadblock and RR

    Hi can a roadblock be placed in a ground level RR? per rules Roadblock can be placed only in road or runaway hex, but RR are compared to a road and in the exceptions nothing about roadblock. What's your opinion?
  5. fabiofotomoto

    DB140 Beast of Baruth

    HI, i have to play this scenario, reading the see some question born in my mind: Have the rail cars ( LCV landing craft) hindrance and in hex tem? a crew the same hex can download the tank in an open ground Adjacent hex, in the next turn the crew can enter in the tank, but it can from the...
  6. fabiofotomoto

    crew of an immobile recall AFV

    Hi what's happens to a crew of an immobile AFV under Recall? It has to exif from the map as it drive the AFV? or the crew can stay on map and fight? thanks Fabio
  7. fabiofotomoto


    Hello in enemy mph is IF restricted to an adjacent target? i mean a tank fire against a moving enemy AFV and lose rof, it can iF if the target is not adjacent? thanks Fabio
  8. fabiofotomoto

    PBEM opponents

    Hi, i'm looking some PBEM opponents. I play everything and generally i can mail a log every day and more. Thanks Fabio
  9. fabiofotomoto

    OBA overlays

    Hi, seeing some vasl game i notice a FFE counter with the six hexes around colored a transparent red overlays. This is not a draggable overlays but seems inside to the FFE counter. Is an extension? thanks Fabio
  10. fabiofotomoto

    Marine counters by FFS extension

    Hi i realize playing FFS the 7-4-8 squad has in it broken side the depiction and the morale of its HS and vice versa
  11. fabiofotomoto

    Japanese SW handled by KMC

    Hi are Japanese SW (SW (j) on counter) subject to W3.34 or even if in ROK color not? thanks Fabio
  12. fabiofotomoto

    NK leader

    Hi i need an help to find where the Nord Korean leader are in vasl thanks Fabio
  13. fabiofotomoto

    CG counters

    Hi is not possible reorganize the counters of the CG and HASL? now there is a tab named CG and HASL and inside the Dinant counters, while FB are spread all around Thanks Fabio
  14. fabiofotomoto

    Looking an opponent per Fight for Seul CG PBEM

    As title. i can generally do a daily log, IIFT required Thanks Fabio
  15. fabiofotomoto

    partial armored vehicle

    Hi can infantry fire to a partial armored vehicle ( as a vehicle unarmored along the hull, but armored in turret) using IFP? if yes, always score a hit or the DR show the hull/turret aspect as in VTT TH? Thank Fabio.
  16. fabiofotomoto

    US LMG

    Hi seems in v6.5 the american lmg 2-8 used in Korea is missing from the US SW counters
  17. fabiofotomoto

    Kw comunist chinese and. COncealment

    Hi in 6.5 when ctrl C a comunist chinese stack only the top unit gain a ? And it appears as a russian ? Counter instead of the chineseone. If manually drag a chinese ? On the top ok the stack all works fine
  18. fabiofotomoto

    Clarification about OtO 28 desperate bridgehead

    Hi the german reinforcements entering in turn one have to enter from east side as written on scenario card followed by russians or from the west? Thanks Fabio
  19. fabiofotomoto

    FfS rice paddy/grain

    Hi on both the maps there are paddy rice and grain hexes, is grain hexes still grain or became rice paddy per Korea SSR? thanks
  20. fabiofotomoto

    RO6 the playing field

    Hi, the SSR 1 say to place a flame in hex F27, but only G-W are playable. any errata? thanks Fabio