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  1. Glennbo

    Bands you used to hate, but now reluctantly admire

    Always hated Journey. But after twenty years of hearing them, and having others explain their good points to me, I reluctantly agree they are good.
  2. Glennbo

    Glennbo's 2012 Baseball Thread

    Well here we go again. And my Tigers are going to take the A.L. Central for sure baby! :thumup: What teams do you like this season? What are your picks for the division winners?
  3. Glennbo

    OH NO! Pitman's left the ASL forum in a huff...AGAIN!

    Pitman is shunning the ASL forum once again. He got somebody to post a thread for him because he simply can't bear it here...not even enough to promote his own self! The disgust for this place is so intense he uses a surrogate poster! (Desperation Morale Update thread). His ASL expertise...
  4. Glennbo

    Baseball Thread, 2011

    Figured I'd start this one since the All Star break is over, and that's when we really find out what teams are made of. Looks like my Detroit Tigers (Best name) are gonna win it all this year. :whist: Too bad about Cleveland Indians (cool name). Maybe if they didn't need to rely so much on...
  5. Glennbo

    Favorite ASL General Forum Member 2011

    I figured I'd give you creeps one more chance to vote me forum king before I go postal and just start liquidating all you... Wait, let me rephrase that... The beautiful, wonderful members of this forum (gosh, there's just SO MANY of them) can you pick one as you're favorite? You guys...
  6. Glennbo

    Deluxe ASL: Yes or No?

    The East Side Gamers are commited to including one "Deluxe ASL" scenario in every scenario pack. Mostly because we love playing on the Deluxe boards, and partly to keep alive this seemingly dying aspect of ASL that we have enjoyed so much in the past, and would like to see continue. Are we...
  7. Glennbo

    ASL and the immorality of war

    I just heard a series of five quick gunshots, probably a quarter mile away, and soon afterward sirens. This is common in Detroit. Still, I think of someone hurt and dying right now. I used to have parties a lot and girls would see my ASL stuff, ask about it and say, "You like war?!" My...
  8. Glennbo

    Glennbo's Avatar Looks Like...

    I finally got a personalized avatar after eleventy-zillion posts, and now ASL-relevant threads are getting hijacked by snarky comments about it. So in an effort to save these and future threads from the distraction such an earth-shaking event causes, I thought you guys could engage in a little...