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  1. Manilianus

    Operation Veritable printings

    I've noticed that some sources say that this HASL had a second printing with "color photocopy of the rules" - anyone can confirm it? Are there any other differences between printings? Does the first edition also include a photocopy of the rules, or are those printed in a "traditional" (i.e. not...
  2. Manilianus

    Official ASL products list (AH/MMP)

    Hi all! So, to the point - for completists and newbies alike, I've created the list of all things ASL made by Avalon Hill and Multi-Man Publishing. I'm putting only modules/packs etc. which are up to date - meaning that you will find here Deluxe ASL Redux, but no Streets of Fire/Hedgerow Hell...
  3. Manilianus

    ABTF and other bridges revised module thread

    So I've thought it'll be good idea to have this kind of thread open - here we can beg Michael Faulkner for news, pics and so forth regarding his titanic and admirable work. So, Michael, when it'll hit the pre-order, cause I don't know whether or not to buy ABTF or wait! Just kidding (with a...
  4. Manilianus

    Facebook ASL

    Is it me, or are many people a bit touchy on that Fb group? Whenever I post something there's a >90% probability that someone will reply with "what's your problem" manner. And I do not post controversial Mila stuff, nor do I attack the game/players, either. Why should I, I love both ASL and the...
  5. Manilianus

    The HASL print-runs question

    Does anyone remember what was the number of print runs for Festung Budapest (I recall two) and were there any differences between them? How about the rest of the HASL modules / historical studies?
  6. Manilianus

    KGP HASL's re-printed?

    So we're after the improved and expanded reprint of RB and we know that ABTF and PB are going to be revised and reprinted in a combined module. Are there any news about plans to re-issue this classic as well?
  7. Manilianus

    Oregon and Krylon needed

    Gents, I live in a small European country without a supply of Oregon Laminations 2mm Deluxe Corner Rounder (C006) and Krylon Clear Matte Protective Finish 11oz. Is there a chance for someone here to send it to me, or eventually point out the shops within EU which could deliver such goodies to my...
  8. Manilianus

    [POLL] Do you play other games than ASL?

    As in the title - do you? Me myself I'd gladly play some TTRPG, a friend of mine is a big fan of Legend of the Five Rings RPG and I do find (quasi)Japanese themes really fun to play with, but to be totally frank ASL takes pretty much all of my money that I can contribute to a hobby - apart maybe...
  9. Manilianus

    ASL SK #4 reprint

    MMP at their Facebook site posted this: Why the change of cover? A new edition, an improved reprint, or some other factor behind it?
  10. Manilianus

    Has HASL's re-working era finally came?

    Given that Festung Breslau Budapest has had 2 print runs, and that we all know now that the ABTF/PG/PB bridge modules are in the process of re-working (mostly ABTF which will be straight 2nd edition revision), it seems that "MMP does not re-issue HASL's" opinion seems to slowly descent into...
  11. Manilianus

    Manilianus and Vehicles/Ordnance IRL thread

    Hi guys, I've been visiting Tomaszów Mazowiecki, my grandparents' town, and decided to go to the town's museum. Hidden inside museum's barn (due to weather conditions) is a "little" treasure - Sd.Kfz. 251/4. I do not recall of any other types of the 251/4 out there, so AFAIK this is the only...
  12. Manilianus

    Mila 18 shut down

    I've received two warning messages from von Garvin that I've posted inappropriate content - more specifically photos of two actresses, one of them being Alicia Silverstone - and thus he shut the whole legendary thread, just like that. This is somewhat strange, given that since time immemorial...
  13. Manilianus

    Swedish Volunteers pack reprint

    I've received an info from my local game store that MMP is planning to reprint Swedish Volunteers - does anybody know anything more? I.e. the approximate date (year) and if this will be straight reprint or updated/revised version?
  14. Manilianus

    A comprehensive ASL list?

    Is there any up to date and full list of all things ASL? I mean, it's kind of easy to track dawn publication history of AH/MMP, but I'm talking also about TPP. I've looked at DM, but it seems that Pitman left over the idea couple of years ago, at least when it comes to TPP's. Anyone anything?
  15. Manilianus

    Hollow Legions 3.0 preorder Is this the best news or what? MMP is the company that can create Christmas spirit in the middle of spring.
  16. Manilianus

    MG max range question

    So when MMC attacks with MG, the maximum range of aforementioned SW is 16, unless directed by a leader. What's the maximum range of a MG firing with such direction? Double the normal range, or 16x2, or is there no limit?
  17. Manilianus

    Please, save Poland...

    ...from herself...
  18. Manilianus

    The ultimate ASL preach

    Some people take the role of being a hobby-evangelist to a whole new level. He surely told those Yanks what lies beyond valor.
  19. Manilianus

    Yanks / Doomed Battalions / Hakkaa Paalle reprints

    Any news on when we could see those and will they be mere reprints or new editions? Plus, speaking of Hakkaa Paalle, I wonder what's the case with Finnish counters in BV now that we have Finnish OOB as a separate module. Are those BV counters now redundant or what (or are they omitted in new...
  20. Manilianus

    ASL of ancient miniatures?

    Hi guys! I wonder if there's an ASL equivalent of miniature wargame rules set in antiquity/middle ages? I have heard some things that Field of Glory is a closest match and that - if one likes this type of gaming - is a great game. Thoughts, opinions?