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  1. Paul John

    Detection and DM

    Hi All, I think I know the answer, but I just wanted to see if y'all agree. Situation is this. A German unit runs into I12 and then J11. J11 turns out to be a real French unit. The German unit is bumped back to I12 and someone in J11 loses concealment. Question: Does the broken unit in K11...
  2. Paul John

    Spotted Mortars

    So, if one spotter is next to a hex with several mortars, said spotter can direct all of them as long as they all fire at the same hex (C9.31). But how about if the first one gets rate and decides to shoot at a second hex. Does this mean that the other mortars cannot be spotted, or can the other...
  3. Paul John

    Changing Position

    Hello, in C1.51, a unit gets hit by OBA if it 'is changing position (or becoming more vulnerable) within a Blast Area hex if the unit/stack is becoming more vulnerable to the FFE than it was in its immediately previous position...' I assume that means a tank can change VCA freely without...
  4. Paul John

    ROAR Login Fail

    Maybe not the right forum, move if somewhere else is better. I can't log into ROAR and there is no mechanism to request a password update. Any idea how I get around my poor memory?
  5. Paul John

    Overrun FP

    I have always calculated that an AFV that has a MA with mg or ife, when doing an overrun gets that FP 3/2x with an additional +2 for being an AFV without a MA to add +4. But the rules aren't super clear that that is true. Usually it doesn't matter, but, for example, a British Mark VIB with a 10...
  6. Paul John

    LOS is really clear here?

    In a recent thread about vehicular bypass and LOS, in which L51 is being bypassed along the L51/L50 hexside, Jim said (and Stanlito agreed) that "LOS is clear at the 1st bypassed vertex " (seen here, traced along that red line by someone off the image in the upper left. But is it really? Won't...
  7. Paul John

    HE vs Tank

    As I understand, a direct hit with VTT using HE must use the HE TK #, thus a 75 using HE has no chance vs. for example a Tiger at a kill of 7. But, lobbing a few rounds into the general vicinity using the Area Target type results in an 6fp IFT roll and thus a small chance of a kill. (2 or 3...
  8. Paul John

    Capturing Disrupted

    In this situation, at the beginning the movement phase, both units are in buildings. 467 is moving, MF cost in the yellow. According to A19.12 and A4.14, the 467 can move ADJACENT, then freely enter the hex with the disrupted unit. All good so far. A19.12 also says that the disrupted unit will...
  9. Paul John

    Infantry Smoke and Moving as a Stack

    So, leader and 2 squads in a hex at beginning movement. Can both squads throw smoke into adjacent hexes, spending 2 each in that hex and then continue moving as a stack? OR, would that count as 4? OR, would the first one be unable to move anymore after his smoke attempt as you are now moving a...
  10. Paul John

    Moving Gun onto/under Wire

    Hi all, Just checking if we did this right. Gun is manhandled successfully into an open ground hex with wire. This costs only 2MF as normal. Gun is put onto the wire. After any first fire (there was none, but anyway), gun can roll again to see if it can go under the wire. If it succeeds in...
  11. Paul John

    'Fight for Seoul: Scenario FT SmR3 In Min's Gun' OR 'Cloaking Allotments at Start'

    Sorry for the long title. I reference the scenario as it has an unusual (to me) OB that brings up a question that might be general or might be specific to this scenario, not sure. E1.411 says: The scenario attacker sets up offboard (including the possible use of dummy cloaking counters). He is...
  12. Paul John

    hillock LOS

    Am I correct that a unit on a hillock that raises from ground level (not a hillock summit) can see over ground level hedges to units not behind those hedges. (i.e. open ground between the hillock and hedge as well as between hedge and enemy unit.) Seems obvious from the example, but I am...
  13. Paul John

    Have You Ever (v2)

    Tuomo's PF thread made me think of outlandish events. Thought it might be fun to try to outdo each other in completing those impossible to fill ASL Bingo cards. Mine: I have used a hero to place a DC onto a wagon filled with infantry and blown them all to bits.
  14. Paul John

    Fight fer Seoul: Sparse Woods and Planes

    Hi Guys, Been playing some of these scenarios, super fun! Situation: A unit is behind woods, in a hex that would normally not be possible to make a sighting TC if normal woods (blind). But of course it can be seen there because the woods are a hindrance. Question: Does the +2 hindrance apply...
  15. Paul John

    Concealment Multiplier

    Is it legal to have a stack of 3 ? counters and then split off one of them and thus have 2 stacks of 2 ? counters?
  16. Paul John

    Voluntary HIP loss

    Am I correct that the only time an HIP unit can be put on-board concealed is in rout or to deny concealment? I understand that they can be put onboard unconcealed at almost anytime (EXC in A12.14), but it seems like those two are the only options to come onboard and still be concealed. Right?
  17. Paul John

    tHEse ReAllY wOrK!

    Five Stars, got one for the house and looks like I may never need to clean again!
  18. Paul John

    EC label removal?

    Hello, I remember pissing and moaning about the labels on EC and Wind and so forth and a way to remove them, but I finally thought I might learn that and can't find it. Possible?
  19. Paul John

    restore hills?

    If I make a hill ground zero can I get it back? Seems like I have to start over...
  20. Paul John

    Emplaced Gun and HIP

    So, I have always played that guns in open ground lose HIP/? as soon as an enemy unit has los to it, but the chart suggests that I am wrong. Emplaced guns lose following ACDG, whether in concealment terrain or not. Seems surprising, but am I right that a gun in a totally open ground hex, with no...