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  1. Ricardo Garcia

    Routing from a sangar and WA

    There is a broken Japanise unit in N3 (which is an open ground hex with a sangar), and they are inside the sangar. The Italian units in O4(which is a stone building with a hedge separating it from N3) didn't declare WA when the Japanese unit broke during the PFPh. Now it's the RtPh. Can the...
  2. Ricardo Garcia

    FFE:C on board and lost radio contact

    If while having an FFE:C on the map my leader loses radio contact (involuntarily), when is the FFEc removed from the map? I think at the end of the next rally phase but I am not sure. Sorry if it has been asked before.
  3. Ricardo Garcia

    Is an IN-gully location under a bridge an open ground location?

    A unit makes assault movement INTO (level -1) a gully/stream under a bridge. An enemy unit is in a hex adjacent to the bridge hex but on level 0. There is no other terrain feature. Does the enemy defensive first fire get the -1 for FFMO?
  4. Ricardo Garcia

    Motion attempt and vehicular smoke dispenser attempt

    Can an AFV make a motion attempt AND vehicular smoke dispenser attempt during the opponent‘s MPh on the SAME MP expenditure in its LOS? or does the AFV have to do one or the other and then await for another MP expenditure in its LOS? Thanks in advance and sorry if it has already been answered...
  5. Ricardo Garcia

    Routing unit in open ground. Ignored hexes?

    Hi! This German broken unit starts the RTPh in an open ground hex (OO20) in the LOS of that Russian 5-2-7 (I have taken away the DM marker to make things easier to see). Now, initially, the routing destination would have to be PP19 (the building with the green dot), since it is the nearest...
  6. Ricardo Garcia

    For King & Country preorder

    I’m planning to get this module. Does anybody know more or less when MMP will start printing, I mean, do they wait until preorder numbers reach the minimum or do they are print before reaching that said number? Thanks.
  7. Ricardo Garcia

    Canister vs empty vertex

    An AFV wants to fire onto an vertex (in the photo as an example, vertex T9-T10-U10) with all the three contiguous hexes are empty, in order to affect an adjacent enemy unit (in the example in hex O10). Is that allowed, firing at an empty target to affect collaterally an enemy unit, although...
  8. Ricardo Garcia

    AFV case J and Motion Status

    A question: An AFV begins its MPh stopped. During its MPh it delays all its MPs but one, then it starts and finishes its MPh, so I place a Motion counter on it to mark its Motion status. If ordnance were to fire on it during the ensuing DFPh, would case J apply? Or is it necessary that the AFV...
  9. Ricardo Garcia

    Malaga, Spain

    Hi, I’m looking for a face to face opponent in my area. I play ETO, learning my way through PTO and willing to learn DTO. Anybody out there?
  10. Ricardo Garcia

    Scenarios with Japanese troops but not PTO rules

    Hi, I'm planning to start on PTO, and I thought it would be an easier approach if I started with scenarios where the Japanese are present but there are no PTO rules apart from the presence of the Japanese, so that I can learn the particularities of these troops first. Could you help me find...
  11. Ricardo Garcia

    Another new guy from Spain

    Hi everyone, I could say I'm fairly new to the game, I bought the rules and almost all the modules in the early nineties, but I had hardly any opponents, so I basically played solo. By chance, I met someone in a forum group and started playing through VASL last January. 24 scenarios later, I...