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  1. Nineteen Kilo

    Irish Civil War Scenarios CH #161-163

    Gah! I just notated on my Rules Notes Card that the SSR didn't apply! I'll have to print another.
  2. Nineteen Kilo

    Irish Civil War Scenarios CH #161-163

    Thanks PJ!
  3. Nineteen Kilo

    Irish Civil War Scenarios CH #161-163

    The Irish Civil War Special Rules on card #162 state: IRA units are treated as Partisans (A25.24) in all respects…All IRA units may attempt to place/throw a 16 FP DC. Full squads on a dr < 3, half squad on a dr < 2, SMC on a dr < 1. On a dr of ‘6’ the DC explodes immediately in the...
  4. Nineteen Kilo

    ABTF and other bridges revised module thread

    Ludendorff Bridge? Marco Polo Bridge? Bridge on the River Kwai?
  5. Nineteen Kilo

    Yugoslavian Partisans

    Pitman's Partisan magnum opus has yet to see the light of day. When it does, we'll have all the partisan counters we could ever use.
  6. Nineteen Kilo

    PP3 Le Viet Relief aka And/Or again

    Just a follow up on the scenario (not the question). Circumstances prevented our get together in March. If only we could be set free of the shackles of work, family, and the world to play ASL… However, we finally got our act together last weekend and for the first time since before the...
  7. Nineteen Kilo

    Wacht am Rhein 2nd Edition, Volume 2

    Will you be posting the updates so that the purchasers of the 1st edition can update their scenario cards?
  8. Nineteen Kilo

    Rally Point Volume #19: ASL Starter Kit Special Study III scenario list

    Question: Does "easy-to-read format" mean there is no iconography/silhouettes on the cards?
  9. Nineteen Kilo

    Which Is Your Favorite Seaborne Assault Scenario?

    Since 1989 I've played exactly one seaborne assault scenario, and that was The Cat Has Jumped more than 2 decades ago. My friend Jon enjoyed playing the Japanese so much he was willing to learn the landing craft rules in order to play the Japanese. When setting up the Filipinos I was sure...
  10. Nineteen Kilo

    FTC12 - when is this coming out?

    You're asking the wrong question. You should have asked, "Where can I get one of those cornucopia of counters?" ;)
  11. Nineteen Kilo

    Guy Sajer has passed away.

    When I read his book 18 years ago (give or take) I had not yet heard there was controversy surrounding the book. I read it in the good faith that it was a straight up autobiographical nonfiction book. While reading it I became aware of all the WWII cliches that seemed to have happened...
  12. Nineteen Kilo

    PP3 Le Viet Relief aka And/Or again

    Steve if you take a look at the scenario that Hutch kindly attached to his post you'll see the scenario effectively has three sides: German, American (for the first 5 turns), and Free French (who enter on turn 4 and remain until the end of the game). We are going to play it as a three-player...
  13. Nineteen Kilo

    PP3 Le Viet Relief aka And/Or again

    It does actually. I'm anticipating being the Americans, so I was trying to read the VC from their POV (which is probably a mistake I admit). So, the American can allow neither event to take place - effectively meaning they must achieve both of those conditions. But I understand what you're...
  14. Nineteen Kilo

    PP3 Le Viet Relief aka And/Or again

    I’m sorry to keep asking this question but there is just something about the “And/Or” in the VC that for the life of me I can’t wrap my head around. In a previous question some patient soul explained to me that it is essentially a computer programing term and not an English language term...
  15. Nineteen Kilo

    Finn Project

    Chas, will I need any of the boards from Onslaught to Orsha 2 to play these Finn scenarios? Kurious Kev
  16. Nineteen Kilo

    Hollow Legions scenario updates

    Thanks Klas! Sometimes I think I've forgotten more about this game than I currently know.
  17. Nineteen Kilo

    Hollow Legions scenario updates

    I just opened my copy of Hollow Legions today. The graphics on the overlays and Boards 25/25e really pop, a nice upgrade there. I started perusing the Ethiopian scenarios (introduced with a minimum of new rules - praise the ASL Gods!) and have a question about scenario 257 Circle the Wagons...
  18. Nineteen Kilo

    Armored Trains in ASL

    But he has been a member for 11+ years. He's just a man of few words.
  19. Nineteen Kilo

    Sword and Fire Cover Artwork released

    I thought the first photos of US dead were from Buna in Jan 1943. Do I have that wrong? Or were their release just delayed until after the Tarawa images?
  20. Nineteen Kilo

    Board 25e.

    You know I've got an overlay that looks a lot like that. 😗