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  1. styrk

    Why is't the new RB reprint up to date.

    I Just got the new reprint of the 2ed rulebook. My old was dependently in need of replacement. victim for heavy use. This time all pages in protectors. At A53 I noticed something odd. copyright 2014. Hmmm Here is something not right. Jepp when cheeking pages that came with CdG v2 it contain new...
  2. styrk

    Voice in VASL/VASSAL

    In early days of Vasl text/chat was bin done all the time. world has moved on and Voice have become a great way to speed things up. But there is some thing that have bin lost in this shift. watching good players is a good school learning both rules and new tactic's. Getting in on a game is and...
  3. styrk

    Recovery SW in case of FATE in Rally Phase

    Broken HS with LMG try Leader assisted rally in Rally Phase and roll Box's (12) leads to KIA. Will that Leader be able to recover that LMG. according to Adv Seq of play , Rally occurs after recovery.
  4. styrk

    VASL-6.5.0 Casualties bin

    Hi I'm playing Festung Budapest CG II now Then CVP is a thing to have control over. Problem is that ext. counters don't "count" in the bin it returns Bad Data in Module: Numeric field contains a non-number Increment AlliedCVP: format={iCVP}, value= Is this a missing value in the def of the...
  5. styrk

    How Is AF planing to handle VASL

    Hi I like what I see, but in my case there is on thing that is a deal beaker, leak of Vasl support I only play ASL on VASL. Is that developers need to get payed for there work so I buy (to many) modules. But having something that is to no use is not really fun. So now I like to be sure that I...
  6. styrk

    Metadata error in map file

    I had a working version of CH Berlin map (not bdTL but bdBerlin TL often called Berlin but TL was the second module with a different map) The org ver Think i org came as a gif from CH got put into a zip and all worked well. Played the hole campaign game on it Well that was some vasl ver ago. now...
  7. styrk


    In J79 ALTERNATE TERRAIN 13.1 BROKEN TERRAIN is in use There is a Track running over the board Will the Track have a effect on the bog rules in Broken terrain No bog for hammada so ???? Styrk
  8. styrk

    KGS ammunition Shortage

    Hi In KGS CG I Red army day ISSR I.3 say KGS suffers from ammunition Shortage Level2 From how I read this do it mean that the Germans (Kampfgruppe Scherer(KGS)) suffers and not both sides Russians Play AS by RB rules and start with out any Right??? With regards Styrk
  9. styrk

    Island Beach-Hinterland hexsides slope

    In gavutu - tanambogo is all non water hexes defined as a island hexes and same time define slope as slight. there is basically not any thing really said about what a island hex is in the rules. in the slope rules all defines as beach-hinterland hexsides a slight slope on a Beach-Hinterland...