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  1. Paul John

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Thanks to Houlie as well for an excellent game. I would add that as the Germans I felt continuously on the back heel. I am inclined to agree with the posters who have questioned whether the factory can be taken. Houlie's fall back defense left me with the only option of asking for 16 or 20+0...
  2. Paul John

    Maybe it's time for Competitive Tournaments

    As one of the unwashed, this is my goal in every tournament, albeit achieving the second part is questionable.
  3. Paul John

    Maybe it's time for Competitive Tournaments

    Seems like what already happens. Players win and play each other or lose and play each other... Also, VASL League has promotion and relegation, so something similar is built in there too.
  4. Paul John

    Air Support LOS down a Palm Lined road

    FFS, the thread title says 'Palm lined Road'!
  5. Paul John

    Detection and DM

    Hi All, I think I know the answer, but I just wanted to see if y'all agree. Situation is this. A German unit runs into I12 and then J11. J11 turns out to be a real French unit. The German unit is bumped back to I12 and someone in J11 loses concealment. Question: Does the broken unit in K11...
  6. Paul John

    AFV movement restrictions when using Platoon movement and Armored Assault

    Conceivsably, but I can also see that all members have some limitation too. Certainly the AFVs can spend MPs to their maximum as they wish when armored assaulting as long as they don't enter hexes beyond what the infantry could have reached. But that latter point is not really dealt with in the...
  7. Paul John

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Is that allowed???
  8. Paul John

    2022 St Louis ASL Tourney July 29-31.

    Sorry to have to miss again. Last year was a hoot and a milestone for me as I was at my most selfless in service to the community (0-5).
  9. Paul John

    You Probably Shouldn't, But You Do Anyway

    This was my opponent in a Heavy Metal scenario. Three times he fired the bow to check LOS to avoid the risk of breaking the MA. Three times he rolled 1,1 with the bow to verify good LOS, then missed with the MA. o_O🤣 Shoulda taken the shots! I lost badly anyway...
  10. Paul John

    Best Scenarios Of All Time

    More recently, J178, Old Friends is a really fun scenario and a great challenge for dealing with American combined arms vs. an always desperate feeling but dangerous German OB.
  11. Paul John

    Halftracks and stacking

    PRC are not infantry when loaded. NRBH, but I think that is the one you are looking for.
  12. Paul John

    Spotted Mortars

    That is how we played it. Rules are not completely clear (how odd) on this one though.
  13. Paul John

    Spotted Mortars

    So, if one spotter is next to a hex with several mortars, said spotter can direct all of them as long as they all fire at the same hex (C9.31). But how about if the first one gets rate and decides to shoot at a second hex. Does this mean that the other mortars cannot be spotted, or can the other...
  14. Paul John

    A15.42 Last Sentence???

    This sounds like it would apply to ambush and CC as well, if GO units joined in after a berserker charged in. I have never noticed that line, and haven't played it that way, but ...
  15. Paul John

    Set DC during play A23.7

    I have set one publicly like this to try to get my opponent to avoid an approach that requires moving into said hex or moving in the open. Didn't work...
  16. Paul John

    Changing Position

    Hello, in C1.51, a unit gets hit by OBA if it 'is changing position (or becoming more vulnerable) within a Blast Area hex if the unit/stack is becoming more vulnerable to the FFE than it was in its immediately previous position...' I assume that means a tank can change VCA freely without...
  17. Paul John

    Ammunition Shortage and Inexperienced Squads

    Wow, really? So a B11 MG could have a B# of 7 or 8, but it's X# could never go below 11? I never knew that!
  18. Paul John

    LOS from rooftop over a factory

    How about over a 2nd level hill hex?
  19. Paul John

    Ersatz VASLeague 2022

    Alex K and I played DTF-10 Five to One. My Finns planned to come in hard and fast from the top, slow and carefully from the bottom and to make roadblocks on the two Russian reinforcement areas. The top and bottom action worked mostly fine. Both blocks got pretty wrecked right off the bat. Early...