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  1. laurent closier

    FT314 Red Army Funnies

    The picture of the map is wrong but the boards ID is correct (as well as the boards layout : 5a on the top and 9a on the bottom). You will find the updated scenario card on the LFT website very soon. Sorry for this error.
  2. laurent closier

    Dummy stack (A12.11)

    According to the Perry Sez V29, a Dummy stack composed of 3 “?” can be split into two Dummy stacks composed of 2 “?” each. So in the same manner, a Dummy stack composed of 4 “?” can be split into three Dummy stacks composed of 2 “?” each. And a Dummy stack composed of 5 “?” can be split into...
  3. laurent closier

    Prisoner & Nationality

    Do Prisoners keep their Nationality ? For example, if the VC state that "US win if there is no unbroken German MMC on board" and at the end of the game a US squad guards a Prisoner, does this Prisoner count as a German MMC (and so prevent the US side to win) ? Thanks.
  4. laurent closier

    Would you pay for official winterized maps from MMP ?

    Yes ! Starting with already existing boards (in range 1-84) used in official scenarios for example ?
  5. laurent closier

    Minimum Move question

    Hi, Does a Minimum Move prohibit the use of MF (for SW recovery or Smoke placement) prior to that one-hex movement ? Is "Minimum Move" and "at the cost of a unit's entire MF allotment" exactly the same ? I don't think so but I cannot find any answer in A4.134 or somewhere else. Thanks in...
  6. laurent closier

    FW boards 80-83

    Any idea if/when these boards will be released ? Thanks.
  7. laurent closier

    AP102 Better late than never SSR question

    Hi, By SSR, all road hexes are shellholes. But what about A5/A6 hexes ? Both become shellholes hexes ? Only A5 (A2.51 gives an answer about offboard setup but is it applicable here?) ? Thanks.