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    Bitter Ender 2018 AAR

    I think this is my sixth straight Bitter Ender and I was very happy to return to Raleigh for some ASL fellowship. I was coming in as defending champ but knew there was a strong field including not only both Stanhagan brothers, but also Bill Cirillo who has been dominating the ASL Tourney world...
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    Spreading Fire 2017 AAR

    (NOTE: I am cross-posting this from the ASL FB where where I originally posted with some photos of the games) I am finally getting around to writing some AARs of my games at last weekends Spreading Fire Tournament in Atlanta. I had a great time and would highly recommend it to everyone...
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    J191 Rebels Without a Pause SSR

    Post-game, a theoretical discussion occurred about SSR 3 for "Rebels Without a Pause", J191 This SSR says: SSR3. . . . "Partisan MMC are treated as SMC for building Control purposes." I would assume this to mean that the Partisan MMCs cannot gain Control of a building. Someone...
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    Ammo Shortage A19.131

    Just played ASL187 Morgan's Stand this weekend at Spreading Fire in Atlanta. The US at-start AFVs are subject to ammo shortage, and there was a discussion about what this means in the way of B#, circled B#, and X#. Here are the applicable rules: A19.131 AMMUNITION SHORTAGES: . . . Unit...
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    B9.36 HD/Wall Advantage

    A question about B9.36 in regards to Hull-Down status and how it works with the Wall Advantage updates. B9.36 states: "Any vehicular target fired on by Direct Fire ordnance subject to wall TEM is considered HD (D4.2) instead of receiving the wall TEM. However, if also able to claim in-hex...
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    Hero Firegroup Question

    A question arose in a friendly game last night that the two of us could not reconcile---both felt their position was correct. It involves a 2-hex firegroup involving a hero. Look at the following example: Now suppose the Germans want to form a firegroup of K4/K5 to shoot at M5. What is...