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  1. Barking Monkey


    The appearance of ENEMY OBA sparked terrain blazes in a game I'm just finishing up made me think; 'I never use kindling in SASL - maybe I should'. "Kindling is NA" is so ubiquitous an SSR in standard ASL that employing it as a regular tactic just doesn't enter my head. Having said that, every...
  2. Barking Monkey

    My Inor Experiment

    I'm not a huge fan of ASL Campaign games, but I do enjoy large scenarios. Some time ago it occurred to me to try converting the 'initial day scenario' from HASL campaign games to SASL missions. I tried this with one of the Red October campaign games and it worked reasonably well using the...
  3. Barking Monkey

    S? Activation question

    My first mission with advance attitude ENEMY in winter camo and I've run into a question. S? activate when a move would normally cause loss of concealment (S3.32a). Infantry units that only move to an accessible location are assumed to be using assault movement (S6.221) and S? are generally...
  4. Barking Monkey

    Mission Setup QRC

    I use the attached quick reference charts when setting up for a SASL game. No new material, just a few handy tables from sections E, F, S & H collected together. A couple of the tables are not as comprehensive as the original tables in the rules but they include the stuff/periods I employ most...
  5. Barking Monkey

    Reporting Missions

    So several years ago I looked into reporting SASL mission results on ROAR but there didn't seem to be a way to do it. That was that for quite awhile but just this week I found out that we CAN post SASL results on the ASL Scenario Archive website. A quick glance suggests it has all the...
  6. Barking Monkey

    Boats, Panic and S13.61

    Just want to see if others agree with this rules interpretation with boats and panic. I've got German infantry beached and on assault boats having a mix of morale '7' and '8' troops. S13.61 says FRIENDLY units in boats in water are not subject to panic - unfortunately vague wording the full...
  7. Barking Monkey

    Couple questions

    A couple of unrelated questions I"m combining into one post for brevity's sake: 1) I just played the fan-produced mission "Search & Destroy" - not sure if it's still available anywhere but it was on, I believe, the GSASL site for quite awhile so many of you probably have it. Anyway the VC seem...
  8. Barking Monkey

    Mission OTO-S1

    I just finished playing OTO-S1 "Breakthrough to Orsha" and I though some of you that haven't tried this mission yet might be interested in a brief summary of how it went. This mission is included in BFP's "Onslaught to Orsha 2" HASL module. You play as the Soviets and unlike some 'historical'...
  9. Barking Monkey

    Assault on Red Barricades

    I'm playing SASL mission r4 "Assault on Red Barricades" from Journal 1 for the 1st time. The victory determination conditions are a little puzzling to me so I'd like some other's takes on what they mean. The VPO Placement text on the mission card indicates that each multi-hex building location...
  10. Barking Monkey

    Sniper Targeting

    I was playing a 'SASL-ized' version of "A Stiff Fight" from Journal 1 when I ran into a situation I'd not encountered before. The ENEMY sniper activated and after placement it had the choice of either attacking a crew with an MMG or my sniper. A strict reading of the priority list in S8.8...
  11. Barking Monkey

    1 PAATC

    Would an SSR requiring MMC in units that historically didn't carry anti-tank grenades (e.g. 1942 Philippine army or Gebirgsjager) to pass a 1PAATC rather than a straight PAATC be appropriate? Or is that overemphasizing the importance of these weapons?
  12. Barking Monkey

    Berserk Recovery

    So I ran into a bit of an unusual situation (though it can't be all THAT unusual) and decided to play the spirit rather than the letter of the rules. A German unit went berserk, survived all Soviet fire during movement to end ADJACENT to a Soviet unit. During the AFP the Soviet unit in turn...
  13. Barking Monkey

    Vehicle Platoon movement

    Can trucks and other unarmored vehicles use platoon movement? The rulebook doesn't explicitly say no, but the only, and repeated, references are to "AFVs". Logically it seems like they'd be able to (it's just one vehicle following another.) On the other hand, even radioless tanks often had...