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  1. MichalS

    Embankment Railroad in Deep Snow

    Hi everybody, I am designing a series of partisan winter scenarios with a strong presence of railroads. One particular problem has been the combination of Deep Snow and EmRR, I am somewhat uncertain about the MF/MP cost implications of entering a half-level RR hex across a non-RR hexside...
  2. MichalS

    Ordnance and/or SMOKE before Radio Contact?

    I recently learned from ASOP that you can fire "ordnance, SMOKE" and MOL-Projectors before attempting Radio Contact in the PFPh. However, when comparing with DFPh, there is one subtle difference - it speaks of "ordnance SMOKE". Beside the (for me) surprising fact that you can try for SMOKE...
  3. MichalS

    VBM on VASL maps

    Is there a way to do hexside clearance measurement in VASL and establish when a vehicle can go into VBM? Thanks!
  4. MichalS

    Wall/hedge - different treatment of LOS and TEM?

    Hi all, while playing Wintergewitter through VASL with Juan Santacruz we had a problematic situation with a hedge. On one of the hexsides the hedge depiction did not go all the way to the vertex. While measuring for LOS, one of my tanks was just about in view by a T34, about to conduct DFF...
  5. MichalS

    TPP System Counters

    Hi everyone, I have seen the SW/inherent first fire counters (along with advance fired, no smoke etc.) in the Blood & Jungle set of a friend of mine. Are such counters included in any other TPP? Also, what are some other generally useful system counters from other products? Michal
  6. MichalS

    Greetings from Slovakia and Austria

    Hi everyone, I am new to ASL (and wargames in general). I am 39, living between Slovakia and Austria. Since I was little I was heavily into board games and since about 13 years of age also into pen and paper RPGs. After the fall of the Iron Curtain me and my friends also started getting wind of...