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  1. Nineteen Kilo

    Irish Civil War Scenarios CH #161-163

    The Irish Civil War Special Rules on card #162 state: IRA units are treated as Partisans (A25.24) in all respects…All IRA units may attempt to place/throw a 16 FP DC. Full squads on a dr < 3, half squad on a dr < 2, SMC on a dr < 1. On a dr of ‘6’ the DC explodes immediately in the...
  2. Nineteen Kilo

    PP3 Le Viet Relief aka And/Or again

    I’m sorry to keep asking this question but there is just something about the “And/Or” in the VC that for the life of me I can’t wrap my head around. In a previous question some patient soul explained to me that it is essentially a computer programing term and not an English language term...
  3. Nineteen Kilo

    A10.7 Allied Troops

    A stray thought hit me today while perusing multi-force scenarios. Is there a scenario in which the A10.7 Allied Troops rule has been invoked via SSR between Wehrmacht and SS forces on the same side? If not, can a case be made that maybe it should be from time to time? With a different...
  4. Nineteen Kilo

    Late War British Winter Uniforms

    Question: Were the Brits still wearing Great Coats in the field in the winter of 1944/1945 or did they have a field jacket by then? It seems to me I've only seen pictures of them wearing the wool battle dress uniform with maybe a Denison smock or Windproof over it. Surely they had something...
  5. Nineteen Kilo

    S59 Mopping Up

    Reading through my recently downloaded Special Ops scenarios and I came across S59 Mopping Up. The victory conditions read: “The Americans win at game end by Controlling all buildings on/east of hexrow M and/or if there are no unbroken German units still in play”. Which is it, and or or?
  6. Nineteen Kilo

    Rally Point RPT 169 The Big Bugout

    First off I must apologize if this is the wrong place to inquire about Sherry Enterprise scenarios; Mods if this is incorrect please delete. Background: The setup for The Big Bugout RPT169 has four boards, the two of which that are in the south are boards 10b &78. The victory conditions read...
  7. Nineteen Kilo

    Rally Points 15 & 17

    Can someone tell me what sort of counter nomenclature the scenario cards for the two Korean War Rally Points use? (i.e. silhouettes or text only)
  8. Nineteen Kilo

    SP276 Triumphant Return

    VC read as follows: The Japanese win at game end if they have earned> 16 VP. Japanese earn 1 VP(each) for control of hexes P5, Q6, and the bridge in V5 at the end of EACH game turn, and 1/2 VP (FRU) for all units exited off the east/west edge(s). It is the last portion I have put in bold...
  9. Nineteen Kilo

    WO32 Corps Value VC

    I've been reviewing the new scenarios in the Winter Offensive #10 pack and WO32 is giving me a little trouble. I'm sure several people are going to tell me the Victory Conditions are quite clear, but I'm finding them a little ambiguous. The VC read as follows: The Americans win at game end...
  10. Nineteen Kilo

    RBF-23 Romanian Holiday

    I was reviewing this scenario yesterday for possible play and noticed an "oddity" which could be an error, or it could simply be the scenario designer's attempt to provide more play area, but it does not conform with 98% of the scenarios I have seen, hence I pose the question. Set up has Board...
  11. Nineteen Kilo

    Long March #9 Return to the Wu River

    I've checked for errata on the HoB website - none. I've checks in the HoB subform - nothing on this scenario, so I thought I'd try here. Board configuration has: Board 35 R-GG only with the West edge being row R. Board 47 is involved as well but is irrelevant for this question. Red Army...
  12. Nineteen Kilo

    US Open or WWE?

    EDIT: I'm sorry I thought this was the old "Cantina" section where everything Off-Topic was On-Topic. Mod's please delete this thread.
  13. Nineteen Kilo

    NATO 1940

    With all the talk about NATO in the news of late, and what little country is or isn't pulling their weight, that got me to thinking: What if Belgium, Netherlands (and for argument's sake let's throw in Luxembourg) had not waited to be invaded prior to joining France & Britain but rather had...
  14. Nineteen Kilo

    FT 23 Not One Inch Setup

    FT 23 has a three board configuration, from north to south 33, 48, & 44. VC are for the Nationalists to clear the wooden buildings adjacent to the road on board 48 (i.e. the middle board). Nationalists enter from both North, South, and West Edges. Now for the problem, Republican set up...
  15. Nineteen Kilo

    FT 26 Vertice Mocha Balance

    The Republican Balance in this one reads: "Nationalist reinforcements enter on Turn 4". There are no Nationalist reinforcements on my card. Both the Regulars and Flanange set up on board.
  16. Nineteen Kilo

    Midway, what if the Japanese had just pushed on?

    Just finished up Walter Lord's "Incredible Victory" on Midway. According to Lord, Yamamoto considered pushing on to Midway even after his carriers were smashed on June 4th, and that night ordered 4 heavy cruisers to race into Midway and shell the two islands, as a prelude to carrying out the...
  17. Nineteen Kilo

    Flooded Streams

    I'm playing Lone Canuck's Crossing the Moro this weekend and I'm anticipating the worst which is bogging a Sherman in the river. The scenario has a River defined as "flooded". There is a Ford treated as a "Deep Stream". Question: If one of my Sherman's bogs in the Ford/Deep Stream, what...
  18. Nineteen Kilo

    Human Wave for Dummies

    Somewhere in all my ASL Journals, Annuals, Magazines, Booklets, what have you, there is a fairly concise article on Human Waves step by step, which I'd like to read. Can anyone remind me what publication that article was in? Thanks.
  19. Nineteen Kilo

    Barbarossa 1941; what was the need?

    Over the years I've read many times that the Balkan Campaign cost the Wehrmacht 5 or 6 weeks of good campaigning weather (from May 15th to June 22nd). And thereby was a contributing factor in the failure of Barbarossa. I have never read why it was so imperative for the Germans to launch the...
  20. Nineteen Kilo

    A7.302 and Leaders

    A 7.302 K/# reads as follows: "At least one target unit suffers Casualty Reduction in each specifically targeted Location and all other target units (including any just reduced HS) must take a MC adding the number indicated (#) to the MC DR..." So the way I have always played this is if a...