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  1. laurent closier

    FT314 Red Army Funnies

    The picture of the map is wrong but the boards ID is correct (as well as the boards layout : 5a on the top and 9a on the bottom). You will find the updated scenario card on the LFT website very soon. Sorry for this error.
  2. laurent closier

    Concerning FT227 Damsels in Distress

    That's right : partisans cannot set up in the same hex as Italian units.
  3. laurent closier

    Concerning FT227 Damsels in Distress

    You roll a DR and use each dr separately as for a Random Location DR. The wdr on the left table and, if the cdr is 5 or more, then you roll an additional dr to determine what leader you receive. Hope this help.
  4. laurent closier

    Provence Pack scenarios

    Stewart, Please read this :
  5. laurent closier

    Provence Pack query

    Hi Stewart, I am not the designer (Laurent Cunin is but he left the ASL world many years ago) but I will try to answer you by submitting this new SSR7 : << All German stacks (including dummies stacks and single-counter stacks) are considered TI (A4.8) at the begin of the scenario. TI effects...
  6. laurent closier

    Provence Pack scenarios

    Which scenario please ?
  7. laurent closier

    Which nationality has the most authentic " flavor "

    I don't know what you mean by "authentic" but (IMO) US is the most flavored nationality with their crazy 63-6-6(8) squads.
  8. laurent closier

    Doomed Battalions 3rd ed vs Kampfgruppe Peiper I&II

    No hesitation for me : the HASL bundle.
  9. laurent closier

    Any hints to what may be NEXT for LFT?

    I started to update the scenarios from LFT1 to LFT3 (total of 12) a few months ago : they will be in English and will display our new counters illustrations. [EXC: the ones updated and reprinted by MMP (mainly the ones taken place in French Indochina).] When ready, I presume Xavier will put them...
  10. laurent closier

    Provence Pack scenarios

    All known errata are integrated in these new cards.
  11. laurent closier

    FTC12 - when is this coming out?

    Scenarios with ancient greeks & italians ?...
  12. laurent closier

    J76 Ultimate Treachery AAR

    Adrian, Thanks for your report. I'm happy you enjoyed this scenario.
  13. laurent closier

    Dummy stack (A12.11)

    Thank you all for your answers. The problem (at least in my mind) is this sentence in A12.11 : " Dummy stacks can be created only during initial setup and among OB-designated "?" reinforcements during their initial turn of entry. " It seems to interdict the split of dummy stacks during play...
  14. laurent closier

    Dummy stack (A12.11)

    According to the Perry Sez V29, a Dummy stack composed of 3 “?” can be split into two Dummy stacks composed of 2 “?” each. So in the same manner, a Dummy stack composed of 4 “?” can be split into three Dummy stacks composed of 2 “?” each. And a Dummy stack composed of 5 “?” can be split into...
  15. laurent closier

    Black SS Vehicles Blue Movement Points

    John, The black counters description is printed on the last page of chapter R. On LFT scenario cards, we use the same symbology as the vehicles silhouettes are in full color. And in case of red MP (ie, US halftracks), we have added a sky blue stripe on top of the counter ;-).
  16. laurent closier

    LFT next module: The Green Hell of Inor.

    Kevin, You can see either the grenade symbol (for all of the French Foreign Legion units) or an anchor (for the Colonial troops - French Marines).
  17. laurent closier

    Inor map question wrt buildings/road

    They look the same as some hexes on the Pegasus Bridge map or Singling map. So nothing new or weird on Inor map.
  18. laurent closier

    From The Cellar #10

    Paul, The "missing" scenarios will be released in the LFT15 magazine. The LFT15 scenarios were laid out (and so numbered) first but not playtested, when the FTC10 scenarios were submitted already playtested and so close to release.
  19. laurent closier

    A small update & 2 new products

    All the Tarawa scenarios are on the HASL map (including one on the unofficial extension map that you can download from the LFT website).