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  1. Bret Hildebran

    Continuous Slope & Cliffs?

    Deluxe board n - is there a continuous slope from hex G5 to E5? Alpine Hills are in effect so it is a matter of LOS. B.5 defines Continuous slope as: "...a change in elevation such that, in each hex, successively crossed by the LOS, the elevation changes by one level in a continuous gradient."...
  2. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    After much procrastination on my part, the ASLOK website is finally updated with all of the info for ASLOK XXXVI - the hotel link is live allowing discounted rates of $89 per night. Pre-reg flyers are also available with the mini options for 2022. Please let me know if you have any issues or...
  3. Bret Hildebran

    VBM Entry on a half hex?

    Dumb rules question time. Say I can enter the map up to L20 which is a half hex with woods in it. If I VBM the off board side of L20, did I enter on L20? Can I be shot in L20? Can I then drive into M20 which is not a legal entry hex? Or if I have to enter on L20 do I actually have to VBM one of...
  4. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXV - Official TD AAR

    Stopped by the hotel on Saturday afternoon and around 17 were already in and gaming when I was there. We had 5 on Friday evening which is close to a record for that early. Hopefully we can keep up that pace. By Sunday attendance was likely pushing 40 - I think I counted 33 definites and am...
  5. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXV (the Redux) - October 3rd thru 10th, 2021

    Let's try that again... The pre-reg info for ASLOK XXXV for 2021 is now available: And the booking link for the hotel is also available though Marriott. You can also call the hotel directly 216-252-7700 and ask for the ASLOK room block if you prefer. Anyone...
  6. Bret Hildebran

    vASLOK I

    I finally got the details going for vASLOK I - you can find them here: Please let me know if you notice any issues or have questions. Basic format is minis on Thursday/Saturday with Grofaz play/Grofaz minis on Friday. No T's this year - given we break...
  7. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK in Person Cancelled - VASL Only for 2020

    We have made the difficult decision to cancel ASLOK for 2020 as an in person tournament. We will look to do a VASL offering and I hope to have full details soon. Anyone who pre-registered, I will reach out and determine if you prefer a refund or to roll over registration to 2021. Apologies to...
  8. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK on Hold For Now

    I just posted the following in the ASLOK thread, but thought it valuable to post as its own thread to get the word out. Basically ASLOK is on hold - I anticipate cancelling, but the hotel has given us a couple more weeks to decide so I'm taking advantage of that time hoping for a miracle. We...
  9. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    We are currently pondering what had previously been unfathomable, should we hold ASLOK this year? I had been delaying making a decision for as long as possible in order to collect more information and hope that perhaps by Oktober things might be getting back to something approaching "normal"...
  10. Bret Hildebran


    The ASLOK Flyer for 2020 is now available as is the ability to book online via our room block: Room Block: I will have flyers at Winter Offensive as well...
  11. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXIV - Official TD AAR

    Stopped by the hotel in the early afternoon on Saturday and the gaming was already going strong. I saw 20-something there and playing. My official through the door count is at 21, but I'm confident that's low by a few. The early World Cup count was 2-1 USA as I believe Magnus Rimvall was the...
  12. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXIII - Official TD AAR

    Stopped by the hotel in the early afternoon on Saturday and the gaming was already going strong. I saw 28+ already in attendance by 1PM which is a pretty healthy figure for early on day 1. The World Cup got off to an early start as we registered 4 games on Friday as Cleveland local Pete Di...
  13. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXII - Official TD AAR

    Stopped by the ASLOK Hotel this evening and all was going well. Wild Bill had moved 30 AP13's already which means we had 30+ through the doors on Saturday which is quite impressive for this early. The World was only up 2-1 in the Cup and even trailed 1-0 in the very early gunning. Mike...
  14. Bret Hildebran

    AP13 - ASLOK XXXII Pack Details

    Action Pack 13: ASL Oktoberfest XXXII pack will of course be available at ASLOK starting tomorrow. For attendees (AKA those that pre-registered) the pack is available for a bargain price of $12. Extras will be available at the $16 introductory price MMP will be charging early buyers (goes to...
  15. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXI Official TD AAR

    Stopped by the hotel today in the early afternoon to see how things were going and check out the state of the hotel. Around 25'ish in by the time I left near 3PM including a few who didn't pre-reg which would bring our official count to 129 to date. Lots of games ongoing. World out to a 2-0...
  16. Bret Hildebran

    C2.7 Pak43 in a building?

    Perry Sez: