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  1. MajorDomo

    Did we do this correctly?

    A UN squad is Crested and facing a North Korean 81mm Mortar on a three level hill through the crest facing. The crested squad receives no TEM versus the Mortar's indirect fire. The squad in its movement phase wants to escape its predicament by dropping out of sight into the gully. I claim the...
  2. MajorDomo

    Did we do this correctly?

    See above picture. A. The Dukw moved to Y20, expending 1/2 MP in hex Y20 for a total of 13 of the Dukw's 27MP. B. The German 467/HMG, previously HIP, decloaks and takes a 20 flat shot. C. The shot is resolved on the IFT using the 20 column, *vehicle line (ten to immobilize) D. The roll is...
  3. MajorDomo

    Multiple THHs in CC

    If two Jpn squads advance onto an enemy AFV, can they: A. Each roll for a THH at the start of CC phase? B. Can the two THHs each attack separately, thus allowing four attacks versus that AFV. Thanks, Rich
  4. MajorDomo

    AP181 - No Dunkirk ford placement question

    Is it legal to put the River ford hexes in the River hexes shown? SSR#2 - ....North Koreans secretly designate 6 river hexes as fordable (B31.121). My other thought is that a Ford must connect two land hexes (which is the case when a ford exists in a stream). However, the rules do not cover...
  5. MajorDomo

    FOW Suicide Hero Street Fighting

    A North Korean squad capable of generating a Suicide Hero is in a building, next to a road.... Along comes an AFV on the road. A. Does the Squad first take a PAATC, then try to generate a Suicide Hero? B. Does the Squad first generate a Suicide Hero, than PAATC if the squad wishes to attack...
  6. MajorDomo

    Mortar spotter

    Can a HIP Tank Hunter Hero be a spotter for a mortar? If so, would he remain HIP when mortar fires?
  7. MajorDomo

    FB sighting from offboard

    Can the fighter bomber in the above picture sight the Chinese 337 in the Open Ground hex K10 from offboard.? Thanks, Rich
  8. MajorDomo

    Pushing a Gun into a trench

    A gun can setup in a trench and cannot be pushed out ( ex. dm Mtr). Can a gun be pushed into a trench? I could find nothing in the rules to prevent this pushing destination. Thanks, Rich
  9. MajorDomo

    Did we do this correctly?

    The Brit 458 moves from V2 to V3. The German 548/MMG wishes to Snap Shot the 458 along the V2/V3 hexside and also lay down a firelane T3, U3, V3. I thought this was legal as the wooden rubble in hex V2 does not block LOS to the hexspine V2/V3. My opponent thought that LOS was in fact blocked...
  10. MajorDomo

    HazMo scenario question

    Setting up a HazMo scenario. Several of the vehicles have more than one MG configuration (ie. an AAMG). Sherman IIIa, Stuart IIIa are examples. Is the AAMG the standard and included on these AFVs? Scenarios are medium sized and look interesting. Thanks, Rich
  11. MajorDomo

    Chinese T-26TU M33(r) stall question.

    Getting ready to play AP55 - Generalissimo's Own. My Chinese T-26TU M33(r) has an 11:Stall B11(1+). See below for picture. Since this scenario is set in 1938, well before the 1941 date, does that mean that this AFV does not stall? Thanks, Rich
  12. MajorDomo

    Rout question

    A brokie routs towards a concealed enemy unit in a two hex building. In reaches the empty building hex in its 6th rout MP. Can the concealed enemy unit now drop concealment and eliminate the brokie. I think that it can drop concealment, but since the brokie's rout is over, it will not...
  13. MajorDomo

    German soldiers in Allied invasion of France

    Long but interesting. The third or so narrative was an engineer trying to use Goliaths on the beach, eventually a PSK and panzerfausts.
  14. MajorDomo

    Did we do this correctly?

    PTO scenario with light jungle. Two Japanese dummy units in a light jungle hex. An armored Dozer overruns the two dummies. Normally, a Japanese infantry unit need not take a PAATC to remain concealed versus the overrun. We played that the Japanese dummies need not take a PAATC also. Seemed...
  15. MajorDomo

    cliff blind hexes

    Does a cliff hexside on a level two hex create a minimum of two blind hexes? The question is whether a unit with sufficient height advantage can reduce the two hex cliff's blind hexes to one. I think so but not sure. Thanks, Rich
  16. MajorDomo

    interdiction question

    A question from a recent game, see attached. The DM 237 must rout. The only path is through the foxhole. The foxhole is filled with a squad of overweight Germans. If the DM 237 cannot use the foxhole, then does that make it "open ground" for interdiction purposes. In this case, interdiction...
  17. MajorDomo

    Armored Assault rule interpretation

    Recently, played a VASL game where my opponent and I discovered a difference in rule interpretation. Just imagine that! Anyway, in the picture, I Armored Assaulted onto the board as shown. The infantry stopped at six hexes, then the AFV drove to the orchard hex shown. I thought it legal as the...
  18. MajorDomo

    SM with enemy infantry in hex

    Is a SM restricted in firing out of its hex if there is an enemy infantry squad present? I did not find any restrictions in the TPBF or SM sections unless firing a SM is attacking other units. Thanks, Rich
  19. MajorDomo

    CH30 HIP question

    The SSR#4 for CH30 - Kravchenko's Guards Tank Army states: The Japanese player may only use HIP for the AT Gun and crew (G1.631 is NA). I think this SSR#4 prevents the 1945 Japanese from setting up HIP Tank Hunter Heroes. My opponent thinks that the reference to G1.631 excludes HIP THH as...
  20. MajorDomo

    Did we do this correctly?

    A concealed Russian 447 advances into a building location where three German unconcealed 247s reside. Russian wins ambush roll, kills one 247 at 2-1, survives German CC roll and stays concealed in the building location. Remaining two German 247s Prep at concealed Russian 447 with no effect...