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  1. Brian W

    Missing Counter Series: The Catling Gun

    High ROF, and extra stealthy.
  2. Brian W

    Plane Pictures

    It's a Yak!
  3. Brian W

    80 years ago today

    • Former Norwegian Defense Minister and head of the Nasjonal Samling Vidkun Quisling meets with Erich Raeder in Germany. He is seeking German assistance with a right-wing coup d’etat to overthrow the Labour government of Johan Nygaardsvold. In return, a fascist Norway would allow the...
  4. Brian W

    IL-2 Sturmovik sale

    Big 75% off sale for this wonderful flight simulator. $12.49 USD for each basic game, which come with 10 flyable aircraft (19.99 for the "premium" editions with two extra aircraft). Collector planes $5. Battle of Stalingrad = 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore and Steam) Battle of Moscow = 75% OFF (IL-2...
  5. Brian W

    Yvette Lundy: French Resistance member who survived Nazi camps dies at 103

    Yvette Lundy: French Resistance member who survived Nazi camps dies at 103 Yvette Lundy, a well-known member of the French Resistance and a Nazi concentration camp survivor, has died at the age of 103. Authorities said she died on Sunday in the northern French town of Epernay. Ms Lundy...
  6. Brian W

    Torpedoes again

    "Following a series of failed attacks and premature detonations, including point blank attacks on Ark Royal and the heavy cruiser Norfolk, an angry Dönitz orders magnetic exploders deactivated on all submarine torpedoes. " It took the German Navy six weeks after the war started to figure out...
  7. Brian W

    IJN CV Kaga found

  8. Brian W

    B-17 crashes and burns in Hartford CT, USA

    Unknown number of fatalities reported right now, but 14 injuries. WWII-era plane crashes in Connecticut
  9. Brian W

    VVs ace

    Teaser of a new Russian movie about Soviet fighter ace Lidia Litvyak. Looks like all CGI, but I'll still watch it.
  10. Brian W

    World War 2 Diary

    I doubt I'll have the strength to read it. She was shot dead by the Nazis in 1942. Her secret diary is to be published after 70 years in a bank vault
  11. Brian W

    JoJo Rabbit

    Looks great.
  12. Brian W

    Tanks v Planes

  13. Brian W

    Tea anyone?

    I love what Alex Morgan did after at the World Cup. It shows you that women, especially from the USA, can be just as big assholes as men! Don't want to get made fun of? Just win.
  14. Brian W

    IL-2 Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka

    Still in development, but an early release has been for sale for some months, while playable tanks are added. The M4A2 was added a few months back. T-34-76 KV-1s M4A2 “Sherman” SU-122 SU-152 PzKpfw III Ausf.M PzKpfw IV Ausf.G, PzKpfw V Ausf.D "Panther" PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1 "Tiger" Sd. Kfz. 184...
  15. Brian W

    Help ignore feature

    How do you put someone on ignore? I cannot seem to find the link anywhere. As an aside, the help section is pretty poor. I assume it's cookie cutter that has to be tailored to the flavor of forum software and software customization, which I assume is never done.
  16. Brian W

    King of the Hill counters

    I was gathering up my copy of KOTH to sell and I seem to have lost the 18 unmounted counters that came with it. I cannot remember what they were; does anyone have a list?
  17. Brian W

    Russian M10 Tank Destroyer

    A company recently put out a plastic model of an M10 with Russian markings. I had not known that the US/Britain had sent any to the USSR, but apparently the US sent about 57 to the Soviets. Anyone know of a scenario with a Soviet M10 in it?
  18. Brian W

    Space Force squad values

    MASL goes to Spaceeee. I think a Space Force squad must be an 8-4-8. These guys are at least the equal of marine moral.
  19. Brian W

    Overstacking and Depressions

    Something that's always bugged me about the Crest rules is that if you overstack a depression hex with a unit at Crest, the overstacking penalties apply even when the firer has no LOS to anything in the hex except the unit in Crest. So, if a side has 4 squads IN a Depression and a SMC at Crest...