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  1. King Billy

    Acquisition counter wont link to weapon

    I cannot connect acquisition counters to guns using the control-alt-L keys. My opponents can, but I cannot. I though this was built into VASL now. Is it an extension? kind regards Bill
  2. King Billy

    RB1 One Down, Two to go

    Haven’t written an AAR in a long time, but played RB1 One Down, two to go recently on VASL, over four sessions. I was the Russians. I knew the Germans had two options, attack straight on from the north, looking to take both Workshop warehouses (F6 and M6), the two-story house in I6, and the four...
  3. King Billy

    Looking for Dave Ramsey re ASL scenario archive

    hi, Dave can you please send me a PM Re ASL Archive? Bill
  4. King Billy

    Tour of the Normandy landing sites.

    I am currently in Normandy about to head off on a day tour of the landing sites, starting with Pegasus Bridge and ending with Omaha Beach. Nothing new for a lot of you, but the first time I have ever visited a WWII battle site! Bill