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  1. sunoftzu

    Fanatic tags on Japanese units show when concealed.

    Title says it all, really.. John.
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    Battle of Singling video

    For those whom remember the Singling Campaign Game that came in Operations Special Edition #1 (Summer '08), here's a video that you might enjoy :
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    Mines in a Wire hex. Which goes first ?

    When you have mines in a wire hex and a vehicle enters, which is conducted first ? The Bog DR ? The mine attacks ? It matters because a FT AFV could remove the wire (with a clr 1 Bog DR). Anyone got any clues on this one ? John.
  4. sunoftzu

    ASL-132 "Hill 253.5" (John vs Robin)

    ASL-132 “Hill 253.5” (John vs Robin) Last Friday (6/21), Robin and I finished our VASL game of ASL-132 “Hill 253.5”. Completion of this scenario now means that Robin has completed ALL the scenarios of ASL Module 1 Beyond Valor, which is an impressive and rare achievement out here in the...
  5. sunoftzu

    ASL-134 “Counterattack On The Vistula”

    ASL-134 “Counterattack On The Vistula” Last Saturday. Little Wolf and I finished our game of ASL-134 “Counterattack On The Vistula” that we began on May 4. I chose this scenario to give Little Wold the opportunity to familiarize with using half-tracks as well as encountering late war heavy...
  6. sunoftzu

    O-016 “Forced Crossing”

    ASL Meeting in Gongguan (N.T.U.) O-016 “Forced Crossing” Last Sunday, we had our monthly meeting at N.T.U. We were expecting 5 persons (KangYu, Little Wolf, Roy, Robin, and myself), but Robin was unwell, leaving 4 of us. I was setting up to play ASL-170 “11th Company Counterattack” with...
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    ASL AFV training in Taipei (ASL-125 and J-082. John vs Little Wolf)

    Some more AFV training with some old classic Cross Of Iron Tournament scenarios..... John.
  8. sunoftzu

    ASL-123 "The Borders Are Burning" (John vs Robin)

    Another Beyond Valor AAR. Follow the link: John.
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    ASL-127 "Land Leviathans". (John vs Little Wolf)

    More AFV training with an old (older than my opponent, in fact) Cross Of Iron classic.... Link here: John.
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    ASL-N "Soldiers Of Destruction" (John vs Little Wolf)

    An old COI classic used for AFV training.... Link here: John.
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    ASL-124 "On The Borderline" (John vs Robin).

    Robin and I finished another classic ASL game from the 3rd edition of Beyond Valor. Here is the Link: John.
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    AAR: ASL-010 "The Citadel".

    One of my favorite scenarios, played on an enlarged printed VASL map.... John.
  13. sunoftzu

    ASL-128 "The Defense Of Luga". (John Knowles vs Robin Chung)

    ASL-128 “The Defense Of Luga” (For all images, follow the link : ) Last Tuesday, Robin and I finished our VASL game of ASL-128 “The Defense Of Luga”. This was originally a (rather good) Cross of Iron scenario, which...
  14. sunoftzu

    AAR - ASL-009 "To The Square" (John Knowles vs Robin Chung)

    ASL-009 “To The Square” Last Saturday afternoon, Robin and I finished our game of ASL-009 “To The Square” that we began on the previous Sunday. For photos, follow the link : This scenario takes place on boards 1, 8, 20...
  15. sunoftzu

    ASL-005 "In Sight Of The Volga" (John Knowles vs Robin Chung)

    ASL-005 “In Sight Of The Volga” (for photos, use link: ) This afternoon, Robin and I finished our game of ASL-005 “In Sight Of The Volga” that we began last Sunday. Robin played the defending Russians, whilst I...
  16. sunoftzu

    ASL FtF in Taipei (N.T.U.) ASL-049 "Piercing The Peel" (John vs Roy)

    An AAR from our ASL meeting in Gongguang, Taipei. John.
  17. sunoftzu

    A Review Of The Scenarios Of "Hakkaa Paalle" (long)

    Please follow the link. John.
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    ASL meting in Gongguang (N.T.U.) Nov 04 2018.

    Here is a link to the latest ASL meeting in Taipei. (I posted the earlier one here too, but it seems to have gotten lost when Game Squad Forum was having a few hiccups a few weeks back, here it...
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    ASL-137 "Italian Brothers". (John vs Little Wolf).

    For those of you that (like me) don't currently have "Hollow Legions" , this AAR might illuminate how to make good on its absence.... John.
  20. sunoftzu

    "I bet that nobody else has ever done that........."

    The idea behind this thread is to discuss some seriously rare events. One of the most odd occurrences I can remember in an ASL game was when a Field Phone had its line cut by a prisoner TC to attack it's (broken by the SAN) guard. But I think that just got trumped tonight when playing Jackson...