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  1. The Purist

    New Comp - Saved Game Issues

    G'day gents New comp after a crash and I have loaded the game. However, when I load a saved game file for a PbEM game the board does not show up, juts the counters on a white background. There is an overlay involved so I am not sure if that is the issue. Need some help as my opps are waiting...
  2. The Purist

    E11.5 Columns and A4.5 Double Time

    May Infantry units in a Column (E11.5) use Double Time (A4.5) while moving along a Path/Road? Along a path in (Dense) Jungle (G2)? My reading of E11.5 - .52 seems to allow it. Further, I could not see any additional movement cost for moving in Column along a Path in Wood or Jungle. Is this...
  3. The Purist

    Immobilised Vehicles and Smoke Dispensers and MP Expenditure

    This came up in this morning's game. An immobilised vehicle can no longer move/change VCA but does it retain its full MP allotment? D13.2 (Smoke Dispensers) requires the expenditure of 1 MP but does said immobilised vehicle have any to use? :unsure: We figured yes but D8.1 and 13.2 does not...
  4. The Purist

    NVR 0, Tanks and Illumination

    Chapter E's night rules note that at night with an NVR of 0 a vehicle must be CE to move but does not note whether an illuminated hex would remove this requirement. Likewise, illumination does seem to cancel the +1 MP per hex for vehicles at night. Would moving in an illuminated location...
  5. The Purist

    RPT168 Belgian Centurions

    Three Strikes and You're Out Every once in a while one plays a scenario where everything just works and the VASL dice bot cooperates exactly when needed. While I am not a huge fan of FW (never bought) I have played two scenarios now, both in tournaments. What follows below is one of the...
  6. The Purist

    Fire into hex w/ Friendly unit

    If you fire into a hex (non-melee) with both friendly and enemy units, will that FP affect all units or just enemy? NB - not melee, OBA, Prisoners as in A7.4 The word "purposely" has raised the question.
  7. The Purist

    KGP III Set up Areas

    The refit rules note that an immobilized manned vehicle is a strategic location and thus a set up area. Later in the refit phase such a vehicle may be abandoned and scrounged as per 8.6145. The vehicle then becomes a (burnt out) wreck. We are assuming that the set-up area remains intact for...
  8. The Purist

    AAMG and TCA changes.

    Normally an AAMG cannot be used to change the TCA of a vehicle. However, is this allowed if the AAMG has a fixed CA such as in the case of the British Rolls-Royce AC (Veh Note 47)? Also, if the vehicle had just recovered from a 'stun' it would be BU and, as it is an OT vehicle, the AAMG (and...
  9. The Purist

    Clearance, Trenches and Set DC

    Can a set DC be used to clear a hex with a trench? This wouldtTurn the location into shellholes if successful (KIA). If there is also a roadblock in the hex would a successfully placed Set DC that resulted in a KIA remove both trench and roadblock or do you need to clear both separately ( 2...
  10. The Purist

    Dice over map (new 'puter)

    Gday,...bought a new computer and have loaded everything needed but one. I usually have the DR display on map to the right but with latest VASSAL/VASL it does not show up. I looked at "dice over map" but don't see a button to push. It's probably something simple but I'm missing it. Help is...
  11. The Purist

    Cliffs, Flame Spread and Drifting Smoke

    Good afternoon. Had a situation come up in the Dinant CG. Assume a Blaze is created in Z18. Will the drifting smoke make it to BB19 or will the woods in AA19 block the drift (they reach two levels above Z18)? Can a blaze spread from Z18 to Z19 (two level difference)? What if it is a cliff...
  12. The Purist

    Smoke example

    Have a discussion ongoing on the Dinant map regarding LOS through smoke as per the below screen shot (had to drastically clip the shot to fit the size restriction). AT gun in II50 (Level 2) wants to shoot at tank in VB SS45. Hex KK49 is Lvl 0 woods with drifting smoke at levels 1 and 2. My...
  13. The Purist

    HEAP Memory Issue

    Lately, I have been getting heap memory notices in larger campaign games. The message notes I should increase the heap memory, currently 256 and 512. Should I double these values? Cheers.
  14. The Purist

    CH and Range

    If a gun gets a CH vs AFV at ranges that decrease the TK#, is it doubled before decreasing the TK or after the reduction for range?
  15. The Purist

    A75 Strangers in a Strange Land

    Steve Swann - designer. Is this scenario SSR for French T1 moves supposed to be 1/2 for the initial turn or 1/2 plus double time bonus. This means MMC w/ SMC would have potentially 5 MF if double timing, instead of just four. Same effect for other moves.
  16. The Purist

    Double time and non-double time movers

    Passing some time with SASL while I wait for my next game in the CASLO tourney and I found myself with a curious move for the ENEMY in Adv Mode. The squads need to "move full" but the 447 cannot double time this turn. I would usually move one unit at a time but in order to 'do what is best' or...
  17. The Purist

    A112 Gift of Time

    CASLO XXV Round One Match Round One of the CASLO XXV Tournament had me paired with John G out of Texas. It appears both John and I were the only two who sought the desert action and were both quite pleased to get our first choice. We both had the Germans as our preferred side but decided to...
  18. The Purist

    U21/ASL243 The French Perimeter

    A couple of weeks back Tom R and I began playing U21 from the U Series (Turning of the Tide pack). This playing was with the earlier version and not the re-released Scenario 243 from CdG2, the newer version has the Germans lose one 9-1 and the French gain an R35. I'll admit that I thought I was...
  19. The Purist

    U15 Battle for the Warta Line

    Jim B (Sparafucil3) and I wrapped up the second in the U Scenario series this morning in a bit of a nail biter finish of Battle for the Warta Line. The Poles need to defend the length of Board 5 and 3 preventing the Germans from exiting 16+ VP of the east edge of Board 3. The Poles have 13 elite...
  20. The Purist

    U14 Sacrifice of Polish Armor

    U14 Sacrifice of Polish Armor Or, Never Say Die in the Face of Low DRs A couple of weeks ago I issued a call to the forum for opponents to play the “Turning of the Tide” and “Rivers to the Reich” scenario packs that came out back in 2019 or there about. Jim B (Sparafucil3) responded and...