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  1. von_meyer

    LFT246 Question

    Hi, If the Italian chooses to hold 2 AFV (only) offboard to come on as reinforcements, can they elect to come on on any Turn they choose, be that T1, T2 or T3? TIA, Great pack!
  2. von_meyer

    AFV platoon movement & Armoured assault

    Hi, D14.33 allows armoured assault with platoon movement (with restrictions)... Am I reading D14.333 correctly in that with normal (non HW) infantry movement it allows only one infantry stack to armoured assault with a platoon of AFV? So you could not move a platoon of 2 AFV, each with a...
  3. von_meyer

    LCP Hells Highway

    Just looking for other people's experiences with the full campaign game, having just called a day on our I really like LCP products but a bit bemused by this, perhaps it was just bad luck but I was not enjoying the experience as the Allies. By scenario three end I was still facing...