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  1. CPangracs

    Free Modern Military Vehicle 3D Models!

    I have recently posted all of the vehicles I've designed out of necessity for my job. These are vehicles for which I could find no practical open-source 3D files on the internet. These are all modeled at 1:216 scale (around 9mm), but can easily, and effectively, be scaled up to 1:187th or down...
  2. CPangracs

    Guitar help: how do I toughen my fingers?

    Okay, as some of you know, I taught myself Bass a couple years back and have been playing with a band until recently. I still play a couple times a week with a small group, and I'm always getting better, but I don't play enough to develop callouses on my fingers (maybe I should?!). Well, I...
  3. CPangracs

    Post your best results from AATF: JRTC 02 Scenario Here!

    Here's mine...1 hour, 10 minutes, played at 8x speed throughout without pause - 99 units/teams on the objective and every OPFOR vehicle/team destroyed. I am LETHAL baby!:D
  4. CPangracs

    Fallujah Map!

    Sorry, too big to keep up here.
  5. CPangracs

    New Map For Atf/rt!

    New Map For A.T.F. and Raging Tiger! Here is a small map of the city of Fallujah. It was made for ATF but will also work with RT. The "water" capability for the river has been removed to make it compatible with ATF. Let me know if you have problems with it - just unzip to your ATF or RT...
  6. CPangracs

    Any Interest... a detailed Fallujah map for TacOps? I found a very good 9km x 6.5 km satellite image that I am using to make a Raging Tiger map, and I think it would also be well-suited to the current ops in Fallujah in TacOps with dismounts going through the city systematically (lot's of close-in...
  7. CPangracs

    ATF: LCAC Overhead

    For those who want to create an LCAC game piece for ATF, here is a little starter pic for you, taken of a GHQ mini I just made. I didn't do a great deal of detail work yet, and I was experimenting with some digital pics. Have fun!!
  8. CPangracs

    ATF: An Idea...

    I am currently collecting GHQ minis of all the units used in Raging Tiger. I want to be able to set-up my scenarios prior to committing them to the computer. I was thinking that a well-painted GHQ mini, with good lighting and photographed from overhead, would look awesome in ATF! If there...