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  1. Kevin Kenneally

    Estimated Release Date for the reprints of SK2 & SK3?

    Any idea if/when these two will be available?
  2. Kevin Kenneally

    Thank you for the MANY T34s

    I wish to publicly thank the AF folks for creating the "Hordes" of T34s that are needed for the Prokhorovka HASL. I will now be saving my pennies to purchase a 2nd copy for my Grandson.
  3. Kevin Kenneally

    Biazza Ridge Chapter N info

    All, Please see the attached pdf for the Biazza Ridge Chapter N info
  4. Kevin Kenneally

    Prokhorovka Chapter N info

    Has anyone developed the Chapter N pages for this like Hutch does for the Official ASL stuff?
  5. Kevin Kenneally

    Genesis III counters

    All, Has anyone gotten the Genesis III module? I wonder how different they are from the Genesis II module.
  6. Kevin Kenneally

    Old style maps available

    I have maps from the v1 of Beyond Valor and Yanks available to anyone that wants them. Just pay for the postage.
  7. Kevin Kenneally

    IS LCP website still unavailable?

    Subject line states everything I need info about.
  8. Kevin Kenneally

    Yanks release time frame

    Now that HL is heading out to customers and the WO 2022 packs are in house, ready to be "allowed" to order; Is there a release time frame for the reprint of the Yanks II module? I'm going to possibly increase my pre-order based upon a near time frame. Tax money is going to be available by...
  9. Kevin Kenneally

    MMP enlarging maps maybe.

    Brian Y posted on Facebook the possibility that MMP might print the core maps in larger hex scale. He was asking for opinions and many said that they would pre-order the map set. He then added that the overlays would also have to be enlarged as well. But that comment I haven't heard any...
  10. Kevin Kenneally

    CH Annual 3

    Did anyone get the Bonus counter sheet for this Annual? I got the counter sheet and have a question about the PzVIE (T34). There are three counters with this designation with a Red Circle 11, Black 6 for AFs.
  11. Kevin Kenneally

    Any hints to what may be NEXT for LFT?

    Any hints?
  12. Kevin Kenneally

    ASL Complete "black" OoB from ABtF is on Ebay

    All, Just making all aware that there is a complete, unpuched "black" OoB from the MMP ABtF module available on Evil Bay at this moment. The seller appears to be in Great Britian and if you purchase this, the shipping will be about 41.12 Pounds (GB currency) and it is now listed for 80GBPs...
  13. Kevin Kenneally

    CH Battle at Best

    Is this item worth purchasing? Does it fit into the Operation Market Garden campaign well? Asking because I've got a bunch of X-mas credit to use before the 24th.
  14. Kevin Kenneally

    What would be the P# for the Preorder for Doomed Battalions(v3) reprint?

    I am not sure where in the reprint cycle this small core module would be, but what would a reasonable P# be? I realize MMP needs to continue to pay the bills and that the cost of everything has risen significantly in the past few months. Maybe 550 would be a good start. A smaller print run...
  15. Kevin Kenneally

    New LCP stuff

    How much longer before we can see new ASL stuff from LCP. Gotta spend the rest of this stimulus money before they want it back.....
  16. Kevin Kenneally

    TPP scenarios for ASLSK play

    All, I am trying to update my scenario listings of ASL SK scenarios and would like to know of any TPP that have published scenarios. I have the following TPP scenario packs, and I am wondering if there are any I might be missing: Schwerpunkt 10 Rally Point #2 & #6 16 from web-based sources...
  17. Kevin Kenneally

    HASL #1 available on Ebay for a reasonable price

    Not sure if this is appropriate for the General forum area, But I could not think of a better place for a new player to see a reasonably price (used) item on Ebay. I hope a new player gets this.
  18. Kevin Kenneally

    What is the 2021 scenario pack from the folks in Kansas City?

    Looking for info on what is the latest pack from the Kansas City ASL group. Thanks if advance.
  19. Kevin Kenneally

    Some scenarios that have been converted to SL standards

    All, Please take a look at this Face Book website for a bunch of SL scenarios that were created from ASL scenarios. Classic Squad Leader | Facebook Some files are small, while others are above 10Mbs in size. You need to find/purchase/acquire the ASL maps to play these new SL scenarios.
  20. Kevin Kenneally

    MSRP for Opel Blitz?

    All, Now that we have the Dan Dolan Dinant HASL, I now have enough Opel Blitz vehicles to open a dealership. What would the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) be for such a 'vintage'? Definitely an antique, and with very low mileage for the age of the vehicles? A Grandpa just drove...