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  1. Kevin Kenneally

    The ASL either/or....

    OST Front ROCKS....... Only "Girlie Man" plays PTO..... The Russians fight the Japanese in Nohoman part of the world is a battle of "two hordes".
  2. Kevin Kenneally

    Manila question

    If you need more Japanese or USMC counters, they are available on counter sheets from MMP by a reputable seller. Begin getting them extra PTO counters now....
  3. Kevin Kenneally

    here's yer crap, you ungrateful scum! new scenarios worth every penny!

    REALLY? You expect us to "ACCEPT" these crayon drawings as scenarios... These products need to be hung in an art-gallery in the East Village, NY City.... REALLY!
  4. Kevin Kenneally

    Estimated Release Date for the reprints of SK2 & SK3?

    Any idea if/when these two will be available?
  5. Kevin Kenneally

    ASLSK2/3 or just go full ASL?

    ASL OoBs for DYOs would need MORE counters. The Red Factories CGs just might not have enough counters available in the counter mix for a CG.
  6. Kevin Kenneally

    ASLSK2/3 or just go full ASL?

    Start with the SK series... Let the counters inspire you to continue to get all of the SK stuff. Then when the addiction gets stronger and you wish to be an ASL Real Estate Magnet, then go full ASL. Always buy the core modules when available (in multiple quantities) and get the HASLs from the...
  7. Kevin Kenneally

    So... about the spam

  8. Kevin Kenneally

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    FTC 11. Awesome product.
  9. Kevin Kenneally

    Thank you for the MANY T34s

    I wish to publicly thank the AF folks for creating the "Hordes" of T34s that are needed for the Prokhorovka HASL. I will now be saving my pennies to purchase a 2nd copy for my Grandson.
  10. Kevin Kenneally

    Biazza Ridge Chapter N info

    All, Please see the attached pdf for the Biazza Ridge Chapter N info
  11. Kevin Kenneally

    Brevity Assault Questions

    I will be working on a Chapter N type page for the counters that I have received with this module. I will e posting it here when I get through.
  12. Kevin Kenneally

    Parts being offered soon?

    No WAGs allowed.... Count the counters you lazy.......
  13. Kevin Kenneally

    FTC12 - when is this coming out?

    Finally, scenarios with "Hoplites"?
  14. Kevin Kenneally

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Four copies of Yanks II has arrived. I am finally getting enough US vehicles together for my grandson.
  15. Kevin Kenneally

    Prokhorovka! Q&A

    These definitely are NOT in front of a Liquor Store.... Or they would be bent at least 45 degrees (or more) towards the building
  16. Kevin Kenneally

    Prokhorovka Chapter N info

    OK, Here is my first attempt at creating a Chapter N for Advancing Fire products. If you see any issues, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  17. Kevin Kenneally

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Began creating a spreadsheet (like Chapter N page) for the new AF Prokhorovka HASL. Hopefully, I can convince Hutch to make it like the Chapter N Official pages.
  18. Kevin Kenneally

    Prokhorovka Chapter N info

    I just got my copy in the mail and will be building the Chapter N spreadsheet. I will ask Hutch to convert to the Chapter N format.
  19. Kevin Kenneally

    check your yahoo email.

    check your yahoo email.
  20. Kevin Kenneally

    Operation Neptune British 3inch MTR

    I believe/think that was Ian Daglish when the FKaC module was being developed. But that WAS many years ago and my mind has not had a "data dump" in many years....