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  1. Spencer Armstrong

    Looking for VASL Games

    Hey, all. Lots of time at home these days. Especially looking for games in the later evening (10ET). If you're an eastern night owl or that synchs with you in more western time zones, let me know.
  2. Spencer Armstrong

    2/26/20 Evening VASL Game Wanted

    Would like to get a one-off VASL game next Wednesday night, normal plans are cancelled and have the evening to myself. I'm in ET, available from 7.30PM. Known opponent preferred (if any of you are willing to play me again!). TIA.
  3. Spencer Armstrong

    What have I missed (Products)?

    Ok, been tuned out for a while (~1 year). Life stuff, mostly. I've caught up on MMP and BFP. That's easy. Anything I've missed other TPP-wise? I see the North Texas pack, any other things like that? TIA. S
  4. Spencer Armstrong

    Contact info for Dr. Phil P?

    Anybody able to drop me an email address for Dr. Phil Pomerantz? He and I played a game at ASLOK and bored Steve Anderson stupid talking tennis at lunch. Heading to US Open this year, want to get his advice on attending, as I believe he has. TIA. S
  5. Spencer Armstrong

    Broken Ground Preview Set #2: French Vehicles (Opposing View)

    So these arrived in today's mail to various interested pre-reviewers and me, the voice of dissent. ;) As I posted in response to Vinnie on FB: Initial impression: I like the black line around turret denotation and and vehicle type symbol. They actually make those aspects pop without making...
  6. Spencer Armstrong

    SdKfz 10/4 and 10/5

    I'm looking at a setup of FrF69 To Ashes and it looks to me like the "Ammo Trailer" function on these vehicles doesn't work. Am I missing something?
  7. Spencer Armstrong

    BG Review - Rebuttal?

    Yet Another Broken Ground Counter Review Introduction: Alan (footsteps) is a friend. When I lived in Toronto, we actually played a game of ASL, his first FtF in over a decade, when he was in town. He reached out to me when he was sending out the sample BG counter sheets. To his credit, he did...
  8. Spencer Armstrong

    ASLOK 2018 dates known?

    Pretty much the title. Trying to plan the second half of the year.
  9. Spencer Armstrong

    Next Three Wednesdays (9/20&27 and 10/4)

    My regular Wednesday night opponent is OOC for the next few weeks and seeing as it's the best night of the week for me to play ASL, looking for a game that can be played in <=3 evening sessions. I US ET and usually available to start around 7:30. Mostly looking at this as a one-off (three-off?)...
  10. Spencer Armstrong

    VASL Wed 2/22

    Anyone up for a VASL game this Wednesday? I'm available all evening. I don't mind pausing a scenario and revisiting, but I don't really love bite-sized game sessions. Known opponent preferred, but not required.
  11. Spencer Armstrong

    Any ASLOK releases (besides Schwerpunkt stuff)?

    Curious if there's anything else coming out. I heard FrF is taking the year off.
  12. Spencer Armstrong

    WWII Museum in New Orleans?

    I read that there is a WWII museum in New Orleans, LA. Apparently started at least in part by Stephen Ambrose. Has anyone visited it? Is it worth it? S