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  1. Carln0130

    Searching for additional info on the fighting around Paulis, Rumania, 9/13, 1944-9/20/1944

    Hello, I am trying to garner some additional information about the fight mentioned in the subject line, particularly, what day/time the Russians of the 18th Tank Corps reinforced the Rumanian cadets. Info is sparse on this, but I am trying to find it. I was wondering if anyone might...
  2. Carln0130

    SP249 Non-Stop Gurkhas errata question

    Does anyone know if Brian Williams the designer of this scenario frequents this forum? The reason for my question is, The Japanese have a 10-1 AL listed, but there is no such thing. So I don't know if it is a 10-2 or a 9-1. Thanks to anyone in the know on this one. Carl
  3. Carln0130

    New monthly get-together at the Citadel in Groton CT

    Guys on the 18th of this month I am hosting an ASL get-together from 11AM until closing at the Citadel Game Store in Groton CT. If you are interested, swing by. Please let me know ahead as I will be at the store all day otherwise for nothing otherwise. It is an iconic game store having been...
  4. Carln0130

    Hidden Gem Scenarios

    Hello all. As ASL players, we are always chasing the latest and greatest scenario pack/HASL. Over the years, this has led to some truly exceptional scenarios becoming largely forgotten or bypassed. They may have had a brief flurry of playings on ROAR before being passed by, or not even had that...
  5. Carln0130

    Nor'easter (Virtual) XXV in the books (Well except for one game)

    Guys and gals, cats and kitties, the results are in: Steve Pleva is our winner (Tear up your betting sheets and hide them from the wife) Blake Ball finished second with a very impressive run, with wins over top players Richard Vieira who is a New England new guy, came in third as the third guy...
  6. Carln0130

    Seeking PTO Playtesters for a Sangshak Project. If interested, please apply within

    Gentlemen, I am currently assisting in the development of a Sangshak project for BFP. Eventually this will have a HASL map, CG and 20+ scenarios. At this juncture, we are focusing on the geo board scenarios and searching for individuals who might be interested in this fascinating prelude to the...
  7. Carln0130

    Seeking PTO Playtesters for a Sangshak project. Apply within if interested

    Gentlemen, I am currently assisting in the development of a Sangshak project for BFP. Eventually this will have a HASL map, CG and 20+ scenarios. At this juncture, we are focusing on the geo board scenarios and searching for individuals who might be interested in this fascinating prelude to the...
  8. Carln0130

    Looking for Randy Rossi

    Randy, if you see this, please check your Skype. Thanks, Carl
  9. Carln0130

    Swedish Volunteers, original exe.

    Hi guys, I was double checking the Swedish Counter pulls for a pre-done VASL setup. I have the extension, 5SV.mdx and could therefore see the pulled Swedish units the person setting up the file had pre-pulled. I could not however see where on the counter pallet to draw NEW Swedish counters...
  10. Carln0130

    Trying to locate Tom Arnold

    Does anyone know if Tom is active on GS? He left me a message in VASL and I am just trying to reach him. Please IM me if you can help. Thanks, Carl
  11. Carln0130

    Need some help getting JAVA to download for a friend

    Hello gentlemen. A question for you. I am trying to get someone up and running on VASL, but they do not have Java already on their computer. When we try and download Java, (He is running Windows 10) we were originally stymied by the Edge won't play that issue. We got his default browser over to...
  12. Carln0130

    A VASL Option for Tournaments while dealing with a pandemic

    Hello guys. It was suggested to me, in light of running a VASL tournament in lieu of our regular in person or "face to face" (ftf) tournament, the Nor'Easter, and the fact that many other tournaments are being forced to cancel or postpone their dates, that I might be able to give some helpful...
  13. Carln0130

    Looking for VASL SCW playtesters

    Gentlemen, looking for some willing sucke…, to playtest some Spanish Civil War scenarios for an upcoming module. We are doing a last tweak of the rules to ensure playtest worthiness and are reviewing the VASL counters so they are good to go too. We are no more than a week from...
  14. Carln0130

    To any VASL expert who can answer this

    Guys, A question was raised that the Nor'easter traffic, about a dozen games over and above the normal traffic, might crash the server. Thoughts? Thanks, Carl
  15. Carln0130

    VASL Nor'Easter

    Not dead yet...……….. While certainly not the same, we have decided, at the suggestion of Charlie Hamilton, a long-standing YASL player, to do the tournament on VASL. So, if you have your 3/27-3/29 free, we're doing this thing. Just IM your email to me here in private message if...
  16. Carln0130

    Nor'easter Cancelation

    Gentlemen, the Nor'easter, due to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in due to the Corna Virus has been canceled. Unlike the announcement on Facebook, which was clipped, I have decided to provide the full email I shared to the YASL group, which reflects the reasons for our decision...
  17. Carln0130

    Playtesters Sought for VASL Playtesting of New Nor'Easter Pack

    Gentlemen, The Nor'Easter Pack II is slated for a 2021 release at the time of the 25th anniversary of the Nor'easter tournament in 2021. We need playtesters for the larger offerings in that pack as the smaller ones are already pretty well nailed down. If you have any interest in...
  18. Carln0130

    Looking for a counter troll for a Playtest Project. Inquire within.

    Hello, as the subject line says. If you could IM me to preserve the privacy of the project, that would be great. Thanks for any interest in advance.
  19. Carln0130

    VASL Extension that has Chinese MMG's with the (r) for Russian

    Gentlemen, Which extension has the Chinese MMG's with the (r) for Russian made? Any and all help appreciated.
  20. Carln0130

    Dug In Tank and TEM

    Against Direct Fire, may a Dug In Tank from D9.5, claim TEM vs direct fire shots? Not referring to hindrances or any of that, just TEM. Thanks in advance.