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  1. Khill

    HG-13 An Unfriendly Welcome

    Sven, Fanatic TW, TK44, & I played HG-13 An Unfriendly Welcome. The scenario is perfect for four players. We had a blast celebrating Sven's birthday and sending out the crazy year with some fine ASL The scenario has seven American squads with a .50 setup in a small area of the BFP J village...
  2. Khill

    What is up with The Last Attack?

    The Last Attack is a fun and interesting scenario. Finns attacking Russians, end of the Continuation War The Finns have to control two buildings on opposite corners of a four half board configuration. There are two hill overlays, a building overlay (one of the VC buildings), and orchards are...
  3. Khill

    Tussle in the Tundra

    There was a Tussle in the Tundra XII for 2020, FtF and everything. Great time, (small) but Great group of guys. Big thanks to Chuck for navigating all the craziness and getting something together for us. I hope others will dare, or be allowed to continue holding long running ASL events
  4. Khill

    DB136 The Block on the Trail to Hell

    DB136 The Block on the Trail to Hell is an awesome scenario. Sven and I had a blast playing this one. it is such a great scenario. it is destined to be a Classic we diced for sides and I got the defending IJA vs USMC. played on a relatively small part of board 37, the USMC win by...
  5. Khill

    DASL 34 To The Last Man

    DASL 34 To The Last Man (GD-A redo) was fun as a three player scenario. Fanatic TW volunteered to take the ss defenders in Budapest v. Sven and I as the Russians attacking from opposite ends of deluxe boards b, a, c, & d the original scenario is 36:11 Russian on ROAR and no playings logged for...
  6. Khill

    DtF2 Blitzkrieg

    DtF 2 Blitzkrieg was fun v. Fanatic TW. he wanted to play the French. ROAR has this one 17:15 French but I was happy to take the attacking Germans there are big OB's for both sides. the Germans have to take 20 buildings but the French have a lot of ground to defend the Germans deployed like...
  7. Khill

    SP231 Galician Persuasion

    Galician Persuasion was a blast to play. Hungarians v Russians, '44. pretty stout OB's, including Hungarian FT & six Zrinyi II. good gear for the Russians too: including three T34's, AT gun, & HMG. both sides have 81MTR the Hungarians have 5.5 turns to take more wooden buildings that the...
  8. Khill

    HP176 The Only Way Out

    Fanatic TW and I had a Blast playing HP176 The Only Way Out. He even let me play the Finns. ROAR only has a few postings for this gem, 5/3 Finns. I hope the funky setup and 10 turns does not keep folks away from giving this one a go. Ya, Ted and I play fast but this played fast and it was...
  9. Khill

    Torment at Tormua ASL Scenario 164

    I was Tormented at Tormua by Tuomo Lakkari in Klaukkala. We diced for sides and I drew the Russians. I broke out new Suomi Battle Dice that we shared in his well worn Pleva Tower. I hope he left some good Suomi Sisu in them for me to take home because that day I could not pass an NMC with...
  10. Khill

    CtR-10 Par for the Course

    CtR-10 Par for the Course was brutal for Fanatic TW's IJA. played on the southeast corner of the BFP Corregidor map, the IJA have to get one more (building/rubble) VP than the Americans after 7.5 turns. there are a ton of J's! 10 squads with a bunch of SW's enter turn one in a restricted area...
  11. Khill

    DTF-4 Death To Fascism

    DTF-4 Death To Fascism got at least three playings at Albany. Michael and Paul have AAR's here. It is an interesting scenario with some tough choices for both sides; from the awesome new Death To Fascism Pack. I would be interested in more discussion of this scenario and hearing from some...
  12. Khill

    Dropping Topside YASL#10

    Dropping Topside was a wild a wooly fight for Corregidor at the end of the war. finally got to try this one at the Tussle v Sean D. we diced for sides an I got the IJA. I started whinging straightway. I think the IJA are a bit light. yes, historical and such but it makes for tough sledding...
  13. Khill

    DB122 Prescription For Kommissar

    Fanatic TW and I played DB122 Prescription For The Kommissar. It is always tough fighting in Stalingrad. This scenario is in Round 2 of the Noreaster Tournament this year. ROAR has this one at 5:5. We diced for sided and I got the germans. It seemed a bit big for tourney: might want to get...
  14. Khill


    Just wondering if anyone has seen Kreta, (the HOB Crete module) on their doorstep yet?