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    Halo 3 First Impressions?

    Not that I'm a Halo hater or anything, I love it and all but it does kinda get old. the graphics are all right. With what I've seen on the DX 10 game horizon (Crysis comes to mind) Halo has nothing. The gameplay is the same that we've always known though some weapons have changed. Still haven't...
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    Jon's COD rant

    I was discussing linearality or whatever you want to call it with my gaming friends. I can understand what Doc. S wants but his main buff was how linear the game was. It turns out when you look at it all FPS have to be linear even Far Cry and Half-Life 2. Now Far Cry gives you a lot of freedom...
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    Jon's COD rant

    Yup there is a latch on the side that normally holds the follower down while the clip is inserted. When the follower reaches the top of the clip (i.e. no ammo) it springs the empty clip, well you can do this with just a full clip in there. There...
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    Jon's COD rant

    I realised upon getting my Garand that there is a release on the side of it that does release the clip and the ammo within. I don't know why when they were doing their research they didn't realise this.
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    COD question

    In both CoD you are with the 101st which company don't know because for some unknown reason the 1/2 Battalions have been mashed together in some missions. In UO it says like Dog, Easy, and Fox Companies but it never lets you know exactly what one you are in. Never saw the Winters thing. As...
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    PC Game Review: Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizons

    My thoughts exactly thanks for reading my review gents... I was scared to death and thought I wrote it badly. Even though I'd like to change the styling a bit next time. Now I need to grab a game to review.
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    Games for Review!

    Well I've been shot down in most places so if anyone hasn't taken Across the Dnepr I'll do it.
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    Good UO servers?

    Yeah it took me awhile to convince my dad that low ping is good.
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    Good UO servers?

    I dunno I just go after Base Assualt servers with lots of people and low ping.
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    January 2005 Dispatches/Top 10 War Movies

    Kelly's Heroes Not saying that its an amazing historical movie, I think it and the Two Dirty Dozens are great but not totally accurate. BUT if you watch Kelly's Heroes you'll notice that the Tigers are as real as you can get (in fact JUST like SPR). My dad said they were Shermans with a...
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    Recommendations for a Civil War Strategy Game

    Thank you Gents... how about the Battleground (just the WBTS and maybe Napoleonic too) series? Is it any good? I'm guessing they are since Talonsoft made a lot of good games and Battleground was popular.
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    Recommendations for a Civil War Strategy Game

    I've been looking for a Civil War Strategy Game that plays a bit like the old Fields of Glory. Its been a while since I played it but it was Napoleonic and Real Time (I think) and you could issue orders to your men like squares, put them in formations, order them to fire obliques, etc. Something...
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    Most fun thing to shoot

    KILL 'EM ALL! (But Ewoks are #1 target.)
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    Castle Wolfenstien

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    500 Greatest Rock Songs

    Classic Rock here. Whats funny is I think that this Top 500 list is one of my local radio station's playlist because thats all they play. Me and my dad like Classic Rock and then 80's Metal and a little of the glam metal but not much (Mainly Guns & Roses, cuz I think Axel Rose is an a**).
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    Star Wars: KotoR

    Remember that poem Jim you'll need it later.
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    Dale Dye in USA Weekend

    I wonder how you can get a job working for that man! I have to say that recreating military history in the movies would be a dream job for me when I get outta the Corps.
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    Anyone Know the Name of This Song?

    Yessir! Also appears in the credits of Full Metal Jacket.
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    New Clan Forming

    Use to play AA can always re-install it