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  1. Jeffrey D Myers

    ROAR updates?

    JRV does not frequent these forums.... Might want to try him on Discord.
  2. Jeffrey D Myers

    Onslaught at Orsha module query

    OtO II is much improved, including having quite a few new scenarios (a couple of which I playtested).
  3. Jeffrey D Myers

    The Battle of Manila 1945

    I find it hilarious that ASL players can be such tender souls! Cheers, and just play more ASL.... (Sorry if I am being the semi-stereotypical obnoxious ASL player....) Namaste!
  4. Jeffrey D Myers

    Television: What shows are you currently watching?

    Better Call Saul final season -- it was very cool seeing an extended scene at one of my village's best New Mexican restaurants. Played many a game there with my kids while waiting for breakfast. Also seeing the Albuquerque Country Club, where I've been to many estate planning professional...
  5. Jeffrey D Myers

    Dispatch #53 just transmitted

    I just soloed AP184 (The Order Of War), which should work wonderfully three-player (Ami, NK, and SK).
  6. Jeffrey D Myers

    Problem Saving Games

    And maybe restarting your computer. "When in doubt, reboot...."
  7. Jeffrey D Myers

    Hero usage MG and Mortar

    Nope! "15.24 HEROIC DRM: A hero/any FG (even if just another SMC) he is part of (providing the hero is firing at Normal Range of either his inherent FP or his weapon counter) may deduct one from its IFT/CC resolution DR...." A hero has to be firing his inherent FP at normal range, or a...
  8. Jeffrey D Myers

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I just got issues 15 and 17 from them for the Korea content.
  9. Jeffrey D Myers

    Moon Phases

    Terrapin Station....
  10. Jeffrey D Myers

    Death Ride Kursk by Grognard Simulations.

    A friend of mine here in the ABQ is the rules honcho for the system.... Color coding was key, AFAIR....
  11. Jeffrey D Myers

    Looking for Comments, Suggestions, and Playtesting

    The FreeStyle Libre device has been a big help to me, as I avoided doing finger sticks....
  12. Jeffrey D Myers

    Decision at Elst - ASLSK rulebook

    Loved that single as a tot. Edit: Wait, is this off-topic?
  13. Jeffrey D Myers

    Decision at Elst - ASLSK rulebook

    Charles Schultz copyrights, perhaps. Curse you, Red Baron!
  14. Jeffrey D Myers

    ASL Scenario Archive is down

    Archive down (3 June 2021)?
  15. Jeffrey D Myers

    Official HASLs & CGs in the works

    Hello Michael, please add me as a volunteer, as well! (Loved reading Ortona on the plane and train to and from Vancouver....)
  16. Jeffrey D Myers

    Questions on VASL 6.6.0

    I've learned to live with the stack bug, but it is not of course optimal.... Very nice, otherwise!
  17. Jeffrey D Myers

    VASL6.6.0-beta1 is released

    Thanks, that was it -- ID10T error....
  18. Jeffrey D Myers

    VASL6.6.0-beta1 is released

    Have enjoyed using the beta release, with which I have had zero problems, even against opponents with other versions running. However, we can't seem to figure out how to have two players on the same side be able to see each other's concealed counters. We tried making our passwords the same...
  19. Jeffrey D Myers

    Breaking Heartstrings

    George kindly answered some questions for our group, copied below: Regarding your queries: Rule TM4.4 says “Retained Japanese units and Equipment must Set up in … their allocated Sector Beach …[unless] a Marine unit has entered a Japanese unit’s Set up Sector …” 1) I don’t see the dashed red...