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  1. The Purist

    E11.5 Columns and A4.5 Double Time

    May Infantry units in a Column (E11.5) use Double Time (A4.5) while moving along a Path/Road? Along a path in (Dense) Jungle (G2)? My reading of E11.5 - .52 seems to allow it. Further, I could not see any additional movement cost for moving in Column along a Path in Wood or Jungle. Is this...
  2. The Purist

    Immobilised Vehicles and Smoke Dispensers and MP Expenditure

    This came up in this morning's game. An immobilised vehicle can no longer move/change VCA but does it retain its full MP allotment? D13.2 (Smoke Dispensers) requires the expenditure of 1 MP but does said immobilised vehicle have any to use? :unsure: We figured yes but D8.1 and 13.2 does not...
  3. The Purist

    #57: Gut Punch and an Interview with Jim

    Athelstan you "ain't". :rolleyes: Git yur inglsh korekt, gawl dangit. Another fun episode. Jim's website is a an excellent resource.
  4. The Purist

    NVR 0, Tanks and Illumination

    Chapter E's night rules note that at night with an NVR of 0 a vehicle must be CE to move but does not note whether an illuminated hex would remove this requirement. Likewise, illumination does seem to cancel the +1 MP per hex for vehicles at night. Would moving in an illuminated location...
  5. The Purist

    Hollow Legions reprint, Will you play the desert?

    Don't worry, Steve. there are plenty who will have the game and Chapter F is in the p and e RBs. Let me know when you want to try a game and I'll make the time (being retired and all).
  6. The Purist

    Latest MMP release

    Weren't there a few small overlays in GIAoV (numbered iirc) that were reprinted later? :unsure:
  7. The Purist

    Hollow Legions reprint, Will you play the desert?

    I agree 100%. The desert is a totally different environment that was fought over for three years. To leave other theatres (incl. PTO/CBI) out of the game would have seen far less game play. Like the PTO, to learn the DTO simply requires a bit of time. With repetition the rules become easier...
  8. The Purist

    RPT168 Belgian Centurions

    Hi Rob, I had the same thought when I looked at the Chinese OoB. If the UN forces can get behind the Chinese and keep the Centurions front AF to the Baz 44, there is little the Chinese could do but rush the tanks. The Belgian infantry seems capable enough to support the tanks provided they...
  9. The Purist

    Will there Ever Be an Official 1947-49 Arab-Israeli War pack?

    One thing that will be interesting will be the substantial increase in the firepower and TK #s of tanks (to say nothing of wire guided missiles if 73 is ever done). Post-war, the early/mid-50s, saw gun power climb sharply such that almost every hit would be a kill. The advent of the T-54/55 and...
  10. The Purist

    #55: Castles on the Horizon

    One thought I had on the world championship would similar to the "Ryder's Cup" we copied for golf in Saudi Arabia. For those who do not know the tournament is Us vs planet earth. In the preliminary rounds each country/region could host a couple or three qualifying tournaments (perhaps via VASL)...
  11. The Purist

    #55: Castles on the Horizon

    That's a good one. I'd play it in a second. But then I like tanks,,....
  12. The Purist

    RPT168 Belgian Centurions

    Three Strikes and You're Out Every once in a while one plays a scenario where everything just works and the VASL dice bot cooperates exactly when needed. While I am not a huge fan of FW (never bought) I have played two scenarios now, both in tournaments. What follows below is one of the...
  13. The Purist

    Cloaking at Night moving within NVR

    Any of the CGs will help you learn the night rules. I completed VotG earlier this year and Dinant as the Germans more recently. You'll learn the night rules alright. :p
  14. The Purist

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Finished both A61 Across the Wire vs John G (US) and RPT168 Belgian Centurions vs Rob Mac (Australia) yesterday, Both were PbEM games (a new experience or me).
  15. The Purist

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Well,... after being away most of the summer and not gaming much at all, I finished my second and third PbEM games ever. I also learned how to string together the logfiles into one continuous file. The learning curve on the 'continuations' has also taught me not to start a new logfile until the...
  16. The Purist

    Hollow Legions reprint, Will you play the desert?

    I here ya on that. In the years in Saudi and Bahrain I found watching a sandstorm approach was something awe inspiring.
  17. The Purist

    Fire into hex w/ Friendly unit

    If you fire into a hex (non-melee) with both friendly and enemy units, will that FP affect all units or just enemy? NB - not melee, OBA, Prisoners as in A7.4 The word "purposely" has raised the question.
  18. The Purist

    KGP III Set up Areas

    The refit rules note that an immobilized manned vehicle is a strategic location and thus a set up area. Later in the refit phase such a vehicle may be abandoned and scrounged as per 8.6145. The vehicle then becomes a (burnt out) wreck. We are assuming that the set-up area remains intact for...
  19. The Purist

    AAMG and TCA changes.

    Normally an AAMG cannot be used to change the TCA of a vehicle. However, is this allowed if the AAMG has a fixed CA such as in the case of the British Rolls-Royce AC (Veh Note 47)? Also, if the vehicle had just recovered from a 'stun' it would be BU and, as it is an OT vehicle, the AAMG (and...
  20. The Purist

    Clearance, Trenches and Set DC

    Naw,...that's fine. Just thinking out loud about VCs in the Dinant CG and how Trenches can severely restrict German mobility in certain areas.