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    J191 Rebels without a Pause: Mopping up

    Q. In J191 Rebels without a Pause, «Partisan MMC are treated as SMC for building Control purposes.» can they still do Mopping up for revealing HIP units? A: The Partisans can Mop Up, but doing so only grants them Control of building Locations, not Control of the building itself. ....Perry MMP
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    Generic AFV counters use

    Is it possible to enter red MPs into a generic AFV counter via the contextual menu? Or another way? Also: is it possible to enter an underscored MA?
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    OtO terrain

    On the HASL maps, there are several shellhole/grain and shellhole/brush hexes. I can't find any specific mention of this in the OtO rules, but the J11 errata for B2.1 (the in-hex terrain (and any Flame/Blaze already in it) is considered to no longer exist at all) implies that these is treated as...
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    141 Action at Balberkamp

    An AAR with a tactics question. We played 141 Action at Balberkamp in the BASLO 2020 (Bodø, Norway) tournament this weekend. The Germans need to clear a way across 5 geoboards to win, initially meeting 12 Norwegian squads but with substantial reinforcements on both sides (British in the Allied'...
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    Claiming WA in J53 Setting the Stage

    I am considering the setup in J53 where an SSR states «Russian units set up in buildings may use HIP». May I HIP a unit in a building with secretly recorded WA status? (B9.324) If not, I guess I can HIP it inside and drop HIP when a unit moves into a hex two hexes away, claiming WA at that...
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    Rout destination

    We are having some problems learning the rout rules - can we ask for somebody's help? It is the German rout phase. They want to rout the broken, dm 467 to the german leader. Since they cannot rout downstairs in U18, they declare U17 ground level as their destination and spend 3 MF going there...
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    Designating Fortifying Building locations

    In RO7, the russian attackers must designate 4 Fortified Building Locations. Must they be in the setup areas, or can they be anywhere?
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    HD attempt at setup

    I am going to defend J63 Silesian Interlude and am considering to place one russian AFV on the level 2 hill on board 18 and another in the woods somewhere, and use a couple of 5/8 dummy stacks. In J63 the Germans enter from off-board. I am trying to decide whether to make a HD attempt at setup...