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    KEEF VS RangerBooBoo

    Hey-ooohhh! With a name like RangerBooBoo I would say he is toast! :D I chose nothern deployment and i will choose little saturn on turn 3 or 4.
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    Airborne over Neutrals

    Can airborne units enter neutral airspace on their way to make a parachute landing in a hostile country? sometimes because of the location of an airbase and the shape of country borders it is hard to land where you want and not enter some neutral airspace. I feel like if I keep asking all...
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    Nazi Newbie Needs Advice

    Hi - I am new to the German side and have a question... is there any downside to the German player from choosing the following two theater options which are available early in the game; 1) raising extra forces in the late 30's and 2) forming carrier groups?? I've read the rules extensively but...
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    Question re Vichy French Units

    If I understand the rules correctly, until the fall of France, all French units (regardless of their deployment location) are regular French units under the control of the allied player. Only after the fall of France do certain French units become traitors to the Allies and become Vichy French...
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    Newbie needs to know, what's the deal with Tangiers?

    What's the story with Tangiers? Is it French territory? Can I occupy it with French or Brirtish units once they have declared war on Germany? Thanks for your help!
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    Question Re Victory Conditions

    I am a EA newbie...the scenario notes state the players should decide in advance of the game what consititutes victory...I am sorry but I don't get that. The notes state that each player begins the game with an equal 475 VPS and that they should agree what the vicotry conditions will be... how...
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    Saturday afternoon TCP GAME????

    hey ya' is about 2:00 pacific time saturday afternoon and i am looking for a TCP game. CMBO or CMBB. if you're ready i am too just post here!