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  1. RRschultze

    Inor 2

    SSR 3 states that French 458/248 broken morale is one higher than printed. Does this mean if using the ‘coloniale’ counters supplied in the module that the broken morale is now a ‘9’?
  2. RRschultze

    Russian red counters

    i like the look of these. CH are even doing the Berlin counters in red with specific paint scheme. Will probably end up placing an order. Anyone else with thoughts on the red counters?
  3. RRschultze


    Had this module for a while now, lovely looking handdrawn map, how does the CG's play out. Are they balanced? Woudl be good to put this map through its paces. Lastly is there an updated VASL map?
  4. RRschultze

    KGS Cholm

    Question about the winter map and specifically hex RR16. I know it's a gully however the map art looks like it has a footpath going across it from North to South. Is this the case? I would assume if it is it would have been a 'cheeky cut through' from Lausplatz to the northern cemetery
  5. RRschultze

    Critical Hit - Gates of Hell - VASL Map?

    As per my title to this thread, does anyone know if there is a VASL map for this? I've got the first set of maps on VASL for Devils Domain. Any help much appreciated
  6. RRschultze

    First Timer looking for PBEM

    Hi Guys, Been a lurker on this site for over a year now. Finally decided to take the plunge and ask for a pbem game. I have Peninsula, Gettysburg,Corinth and Ozark and would be interested in playing any of these. Slight tendancy towards confederates, but will play either. I don't mind...